where is best spot to see fire works festival?

that times, all around han river will be crowded.
so, it was difficult to see.
and you have to wait on street fo walking.
if tere are no seat on road, you can stand long times.

if you lost your way, don't worry.
you can just follow many peoples.
people will go to subway.

1. if you don't worry people and want to see big fir work and music.
i recommnad youido(여의도) spot.

youi-naru(여의나루) line 5, is most crowed.
some times, subway will not stop that times.
then you can use youido(여의도) or pariament(국회의사당) station.

fire work time is at 19:00pm
but, people will go to youido from morning.
because, they will take good seat to see.

in youido(여의도), you have to see huge croud of people.
there can be some smog from fireworks.

2. across the river
also, youngsan and hannam area, many people go.
there will be crouded, so you will spend many times to work
there will be more seat on after noon.
small fireworks viwes and no music.

you have to walk to han river from sinyoungsan(신용산), hannam(한남) subway station.

3. Hangang Bridge, Mapo Bridge, and other Bridges.
many people go to bridge, they stand to see firworks.
any bridge is ok to see.
but, Wonhyo Bridge will protect to go.
there will be fire works fall.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival in Fall

it is so beautiful han riverside Fireworks Festival! every fall annually, beautiful fireworks festival at Han River. more then million people see this festival. This is a huge crowd itself is spectacular. there are fire works ship on han river in front of Yeouido. and last show times, there will be fire works fall in Wonhyo Bridge. people see firework from many spot near han river. Yeouido is the main spot. across the river, Hangang Bridge, Mapo Bridge, and other Bridges. many building in Yeouido and Mapo area of the building will be a lot of people watching. www.hanwhafireworks.com 2017.09.30.7pm
you need seat for sit, thick close(or slim blanket), water and small food, phone camera, (protect moskito).

International Flower Expo in Lake Park, korea

At the Goyang International Flower Expo in Lake Park,

visitors can admire beautiful gardens both day and night.
More than 300 organizations from 30 countries participate to present the latest trends of the world flower.

A pleasant flower culture festival
Exhibition of rare plants
Indoor garden
Outdoor theme garden
Flower Culture Experience
Flower culture contest including flower arrangement contest
Rich performances and events
Farmers sell flowers directly
LED gardens at night, LED performance, K-POP performances

Duration: 2017.04.28 ~ 2017.05.14
Location: 595 Lake Road, Ilsan-Dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Subway: Line 3, Jeongbalsan Station, 10 minutes walk
Venue: Lake Park, Goyang City
Contact: 031-908-7750 ~ 4
Foreigner: 031-908-7642 ~ 3
Homepage: http://www.flower.or.kr

hospital for studnet in seoul, korea

you want to go to the hospital on street, many doctor can speak english.
there are many small hospital near house.

clinic for students in the university
in clinic, medicine prices are cheap and they are quick treatment.
the clinic is also possible to connect with a large university hospital for treatment.

clinic in younsei univ.
location : 학생회관 2층 207호(student building  2floor 207room)
tel : 02) 2123-3346
homepage : http://yuhsc.yonsei.ac.kr/
map : http://www.yonsei.ac.kr/sc/intro/openmap.jsp
(student building is building number:  207 )

you can buy a simple medicine drug at a pharmacy near a subway station without doctor prescription.
a cold medicine is good in a pharmacy.

The bicycle rental shop near house

The bicycle rental shop near house

loft house is 50m from beautiful small river.
the rive name is bulgangchun.

a lot of people enjoy sport(runnig, cycle, dance) in small river.

small river connected hanriver and worldcub stadium.
there are long running course to connected han-river
you can rent bicycle from goverment shop at river. (rent fee 1hour 1,000won)
it take 20min to hanriver with cycle.

Courier service at Incheon Airport in seoul, korea

  • Courier service at Incheon Airport in seoul, korea
    • You can send a courier from the airport to your country.
    • You can send a courier from the airport to a Korean house
    • If you send a courier to a Korean house, it will arrive the next day.
    • You can also send a courier to the airport from a Korean house
    • If you make a reservation by calling a few days ago, a postman and courier will visit your accommodation.
    • homepage : http://www.airport.kr/pa/ko/d/5/5/index.jsp
  • Post Office in Incheon Airport, Korea
    • Location: Center, 2floor
    • Working hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:00
    • Tel: 032-740-2900 (82-32-740-2900)
    • The post office also sells paper boxes that pack luggage.
    • Box tape is also provided.

  • Hanjin Express in Incheon Airport, Korea
    • 3floor
      • Main products: domestic / international courier, luggage storage
      • Business hours: 00:00 to 00:00
      • Contact: 032-743-5800
      • Location: Check-in counter M, 3floor
    • 1floor
      • Main products: domestic delivery
      • Business hours: 07:00 - 21:00
      • Tel: 032-743-5805 (82-32-743-5805)
      • Location: Near the entrance to Gate 13, 1floor
      • homepage : http://www.hanjin.co.kr/Delivery_html/domestic/airport.jsp

  • CJ Home delivery in Incheon Airport, Korea
    • 3floor
      • Main products: domestic / international courier, luggage storage
      • Business hours: 00:00 to 00:00
      • Tel: 032-743-5306
      • Location: Check-in counter A, 3floor
    • 1floor
      • Main products: domestic delivery
      • Business hours 07: 00-21: 00
      • Tel: 032-743-5303 (82-32-743-5303)
      • Location: Near Gate 1, 1floor
      • homepage : https://www.doortodoor.co.kr/international/in_001.jsp
  • When you send a courier overseas from a Korean hostel.
    • Post Office
      • Call Center: 1588-1300
      • Postman come to home and pick up
      • Http://ems.epost.go.kr/comm.RetrievePostagEMSSrvcCenter.postal
      • Https://ems.epost.go.kr/front.EmsApply1100c.postal
    • Post Office International Parcel Post
      • Size: less than 30kg, less than 160cm, the conditions are slightly different depending on the country of dispatch.
      • Delivery time: 7 ~ 14 days if you can catch.
      • Shipping Method: Vessel
    • EMS
      • Size: 30kg or less, three sides less than 160cm
      • Shipping time: within 5 days
      • Shipping Method: Airplane
    • Fedex, DHL
    • Shipping agent
      • Malltail Seoul branch (Fedex shipping agency): http://post.malltail.com
      • Post fee (Ems): http://www.postb.co.kr
      • MyEMS (Ems agency): http://www.myEMS.co.kr