where to go in korean thanksgiving holiday. chu-suk. han-ga-wi?

where to go in chu-suk?
you can free enter the palace in chu-suk.

Various cultural events are set to take place across Seoul during this Chuseok holidays.

chandukgung, secret garden 창덕궁,비원

kunbokgung 경복궁

changunggung 창경궁

deoksugung 덕수궁


music in palace

Namsangol Hanok Village 남산골 한옥마을

korean folk village in youngin 한국민속촌

national folk musium 국립민속 박물관

lotte world in jamsil line2 롯데월드

everland in youngin 에버랜드

seoulland 서울랜드

seoul zoo 서울동물원

Prehistoric monuments 암사동 선사 유적지

what is korean thanksgiving holiday. chu-suk. han-ga-wi?

what is chu-suk?

it is korean thanksgiving holiday. chu-suk. han-ga-wi it is said as "han-ga-wi 한가위" with Net Korean, "chu-suk 추석" with Chinese character there is a custom of visiting the home. the severe traffic jam occurs. more than three thousand million people to move. at this time, only small person stay in Seoul South Korea is considered farming society. Thanksgiving has come on the abundance of offerings with new crops are harvested. for the modern Thanksgiving was fixed Lunar August 15th.

Thanksgiving season
Date: 2019.09.12(Thr) - 2019.09.14(Sat)
Seoul will be empty during Chuseok.

It is a good time to go around the palaces.

During the Chuseok period, the palace and the National Museum of Contemporary Art are free.
In the old palace, many events such as folk games are held.
Many shops are closed and the streets of Seoul are busy.
There are no cars on the street, so you can rent a bicycle "따릉이" and go to the palace easliy.

Korea University and Yonsei University Friendship Competition

2019 regular Korea University and Yonsei University Friendship Competition

Match Schedule: 2019.09.06(Fri) ~ 07(Sat)
Match Contents: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey / Rugby, Soccer for 2 days
(Sometimes, ice hockey can be fought between players)
Tickets: Basketball and ice hockey are played indoors, so you need to get tickets in advance. The rest is free admission.
Venue: in 2019, Mokdong Sports Complex, Seoul

One week before the match: Cheer Orientation, Joint Support Orientation, Broadcasting Festival
* Detailed program schedule will be posted on the university's internal bulletin board.

Before entering the competition, it is recommended to participate in a cheer orientation.

Foreigners who participated in the Cheering Festival

If you are study in korea univ or yopunsei univ and if you can't sing a song,
It's fun to learn dance and participate.
It's so fun that some people are going to cheer, not play.

Road play in night after the game

Sinchon Beer Festival

Sinchon Beer Festival

you can drink beers in sinchon street.
Sinchon is famouse of UNIV. area.

Date: 2019.09.20 (Fri) ~ 2019.09.22 (Sun)
Venue: Yeonsei-ro, Sinchon, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/shinchonbeer/
Tickets can be booked online.

Public bike(cycle) rental in Seoul (따릉이)

  • Seoul, Public bike(cycle) : 따릉이
    • Station
      • operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      • Bicycles do not need to necessarily return in a rented place.
      • There are bike station all around Seoul.
      • It operates hundreds station  Seoul is returned if you find the nearest point of arrival in the archives.
      • (there are Seoul, public bike station near 2room and loft house.)
    • Home page
      • https://www.bikeseoul.com
      • https://www.bikeseoul.com:447/main.do?lang=en
    • Rental location
      • https://www.bikeseoul.com/app/station/moveStationRealtimeStatus.do
    • App
      • user can use "따릉이"(Seoul, public bike) Applications with phone or website with phone.
      • If you do not want login the app, you can buy a ticket without join.
    • Fee
      • Short-term pass: 1 hour 1,000 won, 2 hours 2000 won, 1 day 5000 won
      • Commuter Pass: 2 hours 20,000 won once every 6 months etc

Jeju iland (Jejudo 제주도) in korea

  • Jeju Island is an island in the south of Korea.
    • There is a natural landscape in Jeju Island.
    • There are Mount Halla, the sea, and the island.
    • Many tourists visit Jeju Island every year.
    • It is famous for its many fun museums and the olle walking along the coast.

  • halla mountain (hallasan, 한라산)
    • hallasan.go.kr/english
    • To climb Mt. Halla, I recommend departing at dawn (about 05 ~ 06 am). It takes a lot of time to climb.
  • Rent car
    • you can rent car in airport(many company in airport) or internet reservation. 
    • i think the price is similer.
    • jeju goverment make standard price and many renter car company make discount for client.
    • when i visit jeju, i use this big renter car company in airport.
    • ajrentacar.co.kr/eng/index.jsp
    • ktkumhorent.com/eng/main.do

Jeju Olle Walking (olle-gil, 올레길)

Nowadays Jeju tour trend is walking on Olle Road in Jeju Island.
many people walking that road.
Hompage: www.jejuolle.org

Jeju Olle road is Trail of Jeju.
Olle orignal meaning is a narrow alley in the Jeju.
Olle is connecting an alleyway, Ghat, deulgil, coastal roads, including uphill along the coast of Jeju.
You can see the sea, the beach, and the fields when you walk on the Olle Road.

Courses are also turning around some small lands of Jeju.
olle is popular because you can see the beach and the mountains, the sea of ​​Jeju together.

there are 21 courses and 5 additional  alpha courses.
If you walk the course, you can walk all the wheels outside the island.
One course is approximately 15 km, it take the average time is 4 ~ 6 hours.
The total length is about 422km.
“07” road is beautiful and there are big Navy camp.
“01-1” is sunrise hill(일출봉).

"Jeju Olle Walking Festival" is fall festival, walking along the road to Olle.
  • Date: fall season, 2days
  • Location: Jeju Olle Course 1, Course 2
  • Hompage: www.jejuolle.org
  • Tel: (064)762-2190
  • Pre Ticket : 20,000won per person
  • Walking festival performances one can see the sea of ​​Jeju autumn background.
  • The singer jangpilsun, travel sketches, vocalists, etc. will be performances.
  • There are also jazz and indie bands.
  • There is also the experience, such as eat jeju food and traditional korean cloth fitting.
  • There are official festival and gift packagese.

KORAIL PASS : rail pass in korea

KORAIL PASS is a rail pass for foreign visitors.
Explore and discover Korea by trains KORAIL operates in economical way.

Foreigners visiting Korea can purchase
(Korean nationality is not allowed to use)

homepage : http://www.letskorail.com/ebizbf/EbizBfKrPassAbout.do

Nailro ticket for student under 27years old.
hompage : http://www.letskorail.com/ebizprd/EbizPrdPassRailroIntroW_hc11901.do

Youtuber to introduce Korea

Youtuber to introduce Korea

Kaoru TV
Kaoru is a Japanese female Yutuber who walks the Korean streets and experiences Korean culture.
She has studied abroad in Korea and the United States.
She tries to visit Korea, to experience Korean culture, food, or to show clothes that are mostly cheaply bought in Korea.
she do not live in Korea, she make frequent visits to Korea and produce contents to experience Korean culture.
She introduces Korean contents in Japanese, and introduces Japanese contents in Korean.

British man
He is a very famous u-tuber.
He is well known for interviewing superstars who came to Korea.
He is a British man who loves Korean culture.
His grandfather is an Englishman, and his grandmother is a Chinese.
His YouTube channel talks mainly about Korean and British culture.
He also made an English lesson video.

Boryeong Mud festival in Deachen beach, West sea, Korea

Mud festival (west sea) this is very famous fetival.many people go to enjoy mud and beach. You can go for a day or night.

Duration: July.19.2019 ~ July.28
Homepage: http://www.mudfestival.or.kr
Location: Mudro 123, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do (Daecheon Beach) 
Event mud zoon ticket: The beaches in Korea are free, but event playground need tickets.

There is a paid shower room and paid coin locker on the beach. The mud festival is so popular that there are a lot of crowds. It will be easy to wear Lash guards or swimwear in your clothes in advance. You can get motels and lodgings locally. If the cost of lodging is high due to crowded crowd, you can stay at a cheap price in "Jjimjilbang" in Daecheon city.

There are various events every day. You can see the events of the day on the homepage.
[Experience events] - Tidal-flat game experience - Tidal-flat obstacle marathon - Mud Experience Center (Mud Tang, Massage) - Mud Slide - Mud Kidsland etc. [Night Event] - Opening ceremony, closing ceremony singer invitation performance - Mud - World Mud Beauty Festival - Boryeong citizen open concert - Hip hop rave party - EDM Festival etc. [Link Events] - Mud Time Character Performance - Fountain Square Open Performances - Our Rhythm Experience - Mud Yacht Experience and Parade - Air Force Black Eagles Air Show

Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool, Seoul, Korea and hangang park

There are Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool, Seoul, Korea
held every summer in the Han River.
  • Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool
    • Homepage: http://hangang.seoul.go.kr/archives/46886
    • Date 
      • June.28.2019 ~ Aug.25
    • Hours : 09:00 to 19:00
    • location (how to go)
    • Fee
      • swimming Pool fee: 5,000 won
      • water playground fee: 3,000 won
    • there are shower room, locker, toilet, comvinient store.
    • video : https://youtu.be/chU6DYqQECM
    • Possession : swimwear, swimming cap, glass
    • Tel
      • 뚝섬 야외수영장 : 02-452-5955
      • 여의도 야외수영장 : 02-785-0478
      • 광나루 야외수영장 : 02-470-9561
      • 잠실 야외수영장 : 02-420-0045
      • 잠원 야외수영장 : 02-596-5545
      • 난지 물놀이장 : 02-3151-0256
      • 양화 물놀이장 : 070-4200-5418

  • Yeouido Outdoor Swimming Pool
    • Address: 82-3 Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu (Yeouido Han River Park)
    • subway
      • Exit 1, National Assembly Sadang Station, Line 9, about 1km on foot
      • Exit 2, Yeouinaru Station, Line 5, about 1km on foot
    • Bus
      • Get off at Bus Stop in front of Full Gospel Church, 362,463,461,753,1002,5633,5713,6623, walk about 600m
      • Get off at the bus stop in front of the Capitol, 153,5615,5618,7613, about 600m on foot
      • Get off at bus stop in front of Yeouido Park, 261,262,5012,5613, walk about 900m
    • Yeouido pool video: https://youtu.be/pzVf9wDJwI4

  • Mang-won swimming pool (it will close at 2019.)
    • It is swimming pool near Hongdae
    • Address: 312-6, Wonwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
    • How to get there: 
      • bus stop at Exit 1, Hap jeong Station line 2, 
      • Small town grenn Bus No. 16, 
      • "mangwon Han gang Park" stop
      • 500 meters walk

  • Mang-won han riverside park
    • Daily duck boat rental is available at Han River Park.
    • There are Paddle boats, windsurfing lessons.
    • There is a Battlefield Park in Hangang Park.
    • Hangang Park has a football field, a baseball field, and a tennis court.

Mukbang (먹방)

mukbang(먹방) is a live online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats foods while interacting with their audience.
Usually done through an internet webcast (Afreeca, YouTube, Twitch, etc.), mukbang became popular in South Korea from 2009.

Famous mukbang creator
  • 쯔양
    • She is a popular food creator.
    • She began broadcasting on October 23, 2018.
    • Within a few months, she subscribes to her YouTube, which is close to one million.
    • She eats many kinds of korean foods. you can see many korean style food.
    • YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfpaSruWW3S4dibonKXENjA
    • event
      • Some restaurants in Korea open events where guests eat food within the time limit.
      • If the guest is successful, provide food for free and take a photo of the commemorative photo.
      • She is only girl BJ who has eaten the party pork cutlet in 18 minutes.
      • When she had time to eat, the shopkeeper offered free meals to all the guests who came to the restaurant that day.
      • YouTube : https://youtu.be/UV5_48dVppU


Seoul Night Night Bazaar Night Market

Seoul Night Night Bazaar Night Market

Homepage: http://www.bamdokkaebi.org/?_l=en
Dates: Weekends every week, 2019.04.05 (Fri) - 2019.10.27 (Sun)
Place: Han River Park in Yeouido, Banpo Han River Park in Seoul, DDP, Cheonggyecheon, Culture Storage Base

Seoul Night is a night bazaar event organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Seoul Night Noodle shop sells handmade products, operates a food truck market, and performs cultural performances.
The night goby night market is held every weekend, and is held at Yeouido, Banpo, DDP, Cheonggyecheon, the cultural stockpile base, and Cheonggye plaza.
Each location may have a different date of operation.

There are six night owl night markets, two of which are located in the Han River Park.
Night of Yeouido and Banpo The Night Market of Dohbybi is opened in Hangang Park and it is good to look around easily.
The Banpo Hangang Park Night Market is held every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 11 pm.
Tents selling various food trucks, accessories, household goods, etc. are installed.
There will be performances from time to time on stage, making wallets, drawing caricatures and other events.

International Flower Expo in Lake Park, korea

At the Goyang International Flower Expo in Lake Park,

visitors can admire beautiful gardens both day and night.
More than 300 organizations from 30 countries participate to present the latest trends of the world flower.

A pleasant flower culture festival
Exhibition of rare plants
Indoor garden
Outdoor theme garden
Flower Culture Experience
Flower culture contest including flower arrangement contest
Rich performances and events
Farmers sell flowers directly
LED gardens at night, LED performance, K-POP performances

Location: 595 Lake Road, Ilsan-Dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Subway: Line 3, Jeongbalsan Station, 10 minutes walk
Venue: Lake Park, Goyang City

Homepage: https://flower.or.kr/eng/main/main.php

Date: 2019.4. 26 (Fri) ~ 5, 12 (Sun), 17 days
Hours: 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, 09:00 to 19:00 on weekends and holidays

Location: Ilsan Lake Park, Goyang City
Participants: 350 organizations and organizations from 30 countries
Event size: Lake Kyo ↔ Rose Garden entrance (150,000㎡)
public transport :
Subway Line 3 Line Jeongbalsan Station, Exit 1 10 minutes walk to Ilsan Lake Park
10 minutes on foot from Ilsan Dongguan station to Ilsan Lake Park

Cherry Blossom Festival in April, Seoul (벚꽃축제)

In early April, a cherry blossom festival is held in Korea.
Depending on the weather, cherry blossoms bloom from the south.

Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival (여의도 벚꽃축제)

It is the most cherry blossom festival in Seoul.
Festivals During the festival, various events are held to control traffic.
Cultural events, and sweepstakes.
It is a festival that attracts a great crowd.
HomePage : http://2019flower.or.kr/
Date : 2019. 4. 5.(fri) ~ 11(thr)
Location : Yeouido
Subway : Line 5 Yeouinaru Station

Bulgwangcheon Cherry Blossom Festival

There will be 4kilo meter cherry blossom in small river.
Two-day cultural events and festivals are held.
Date : 2019. 4. 4 - 5
Place : small river 50Meter from loft house
Subway : Line 6 Eungam Station, Jungsan Station, Sajeol station

Hongdae Cherry Tree Road

There will be 500 meter cherry tree near 2room house.
It is near hongdea, so many people will visit.
Place : street 20Meter from 2room house
Subway : Line 2 Hapjung Station, Line 6 Sangsu Station

Bukhansan mountain in SEOUL, KOREA

There are many mountains in Seoul.
Seoul is a huge city with a population of 10 million people on a global scale.
In Seoul, anyone can come out on the bus in the morning, climb the rocks as they climb the mountain, and go home to rest in the evening.

Bukhansan mountain in SEOUL, KOREA
North mountain is located in the north of Seoul from the mountains in Seoul.
Bukhansan has a rough mountain up to a rock wall.
Transportation is also convenient, and it is a mountain that many citizens of Seoul are looking for.

Homepage: http://english.knps.or.kr/Knp/Bukhansan/Intro/Introduction.aspx?MenuNum=1&Submenu=Npp

Skate, Curling in Seoul City Hall

Skate, Curling in Seoul City Hall

Winter romantic <Seoul Plaza Skating> in the middle of the city is opened.
The admission fee is only 1000won.
Online reservations can be available.
You can enjoy curling as well as skating.
There is also a VR experience space where you can experience various winter sports.

  • Ticket Booking: http://www.seoulskate.or.kr
  • Place: North side of Seoul Plaza
  • subway: 3min work from exit5, cityhall subway line2 & line1
  • Period of operation: 2018.12.21 ~ 2019.02.10
  • Hours: Weekdays (Sun.-Thurs) 10: 00-21: 30, Fri, Sat, Holidays 10: 00-23: 00
  • Fee: 1,000 won (1 hour, including skate rental)
    • Tickets for skating / curling: 1,000 won, 1 hour / person
    • Storage: 500 won, 1 time / kan
    • Gloves: 1,000 won
    • Socks: 1,500 won
    • Hot pack: 1,000 won
    • Helmet / Protector: 1 hour free

You can bring your things.
You can buy cheap gloves from HomePlus, E-Mart.
You can purchase hot packs at Daiso and convenience stores.