2018 Let's Rock Festival

Let's Rock Festival is the biggest urban music festival in Seoul every fall.
It will be held in Nanjing Han River Park, Seoul, Korea.
Let's Rock Festival is a place where artists and audiences share the stage, attractions, food, and entertainment of various artists.

homepage : http://www.letsrock.co.kr/2018/2018index.html#
time table : http://www.letsrock.co.kr/2018/2018index.html#timetable
ticket : http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=18008963

On September 15, the first day of the festival, it is a love stage that shows a calm but emotional stage.
Nell comes to the stage with a headliner, including the Epicone Project, Jung Jun Il, Day Break, and Dark.
On the stage, which offers intense and exciting stage, the national band Kukasuten comes out as a headliner, and musicians such as Noblein, Crying Nut, and Cass are accompanied.
On September 16, the second day, the only non-replaceable band Jaurim, who recently released 10 regular albums, will be on the final stage of the Love Stage.
It is a hot spring, a junior, a good-bye, and a standing star.
The Rose Inn, Peppers, Monkey, and Romantic Punch will be on stage at the Peace Stage, where Ganghwa and the faces are headliners.

A place to study near loft house

  • Kusan-dong library (small)
    • Homepage: http://www.gsvlib.or.kr/intro/location.asp
    • How to get there : Ngam station, 15 minutes on foot.
    • Address: 29-23 Seongno-ri, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
    • Anyone can enter.
    • There are many desks and chairs, so you can take your books with you at the desk in the library and study.
    • Provide library wifi.
    • You can rent internet PC, use your own laptop, and watch DVD movies.
    • There are many comic books and Korean books.
    • In the alley, it can be hard to find when you go first.
    • However, book rental is available only after you have created a membership card.

  • Eunpyeong-gu Library (Large)
    • Homepage: http://www.eplib.or.kr/intro/location.asp
    • How to get there: Yeonsinnae Station (4 or 2 stops) You must go uphill on the 10th minute walk from Exit 3 of Line 6.
    • Address: 78-7, Tongil Road, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
    • Far far, you must climb the hill.
    • Anyone can enter.
    • It can be used without membership card except for the reading room.
    • I can take my books and study at a desk like a library.
    • However, bookstore and book rental can be used only by creating a membership card. Membership card making is free.
    • You can rent internet PC, use your own laptop, and watch DVD movies.
    • There is a restaurant underground.
    • Provide library wifi.

  • Private study room, you have to pay fee.
    • it is near from loft house.
    • Homepage: https://study.toz.co.kr/branchDetail?branch_id=620&url=&path=
    • 1 month fee : about 0.1 ~ 0.25 milwon
    • Hours : 09:00 ~ 02:00
    • If you ask staff, she will give you a free trial day.
    • You can pay for it on a daily or monthly or yearly.
    • Possession of a personal cup, infinite refreshing drink, wifi etc...

summer east beach in korea

summer east beach in korea
in east sea has many famous beach
Most East coasts have almost beaches.
Among them, Gyeongpo and Jungdongjin are famous.

Gyeongpo, Jeongdongjin are many guest houses and motels on the beach, and accommodation is convenient.

airport east sea : http://www.airport.co.kr/yangyangeng/index.do

Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool, Seoul, Korea and hangang park

There are Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool, Seoul, Korea
held every summer in the Han River.
  • Han-river(Hangang) Outdoor Pool
    • Homepage: http://www.seoul.go.kr/event/hanriver
    • Date  : from June 23, 2018 (from Yeoido, Jamwon, Yanghwa July 7)
    • Hours : 09:00 to 19:00
    • Fee
      • swimming Pool fee: 5,000 won
      • water playground fee: 3,000 won
    • there are shower room, locker, toilet, comvinient store.
    • video : https://youtu.be/chU6DYqQECM
    • Possession : swimwear, swimming cap, glass
  • Yeouido Outdoor Swimming Pool
    • Opening: 2018.07.09
    • Address: 82-3 Yeoido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu (Yeouido Han River Park)
    • subway
      • Exit 1, National Assembly Sadang Station, Line 9, about 1km on foot
      • Exit 2, Yeouinaru Station, Line 5, about 1km on foot
    • Bus
      • Get off at Bus Stop in front of Full Gospel Church, 362,463,461,753,1002,5633,5713,6623, walk about 600m
      • Get off at the bus stop in front of the Capitol, 153,5615,5618,7613, about 600m on foot
      • Get off at bus stop in front of Yeouido Park, 261,262,5012,5613, walk about 900m
    • Yeouido pool video: https://youtu.be/pzVf9wDJwI4

  • Mang-won swimming pool (it will close at 2018.)
    • It is swimming pool near Hongdae
    • Address: 312-6, Wonwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
    • How to get there: 
      • bus stop at Exit 1, Hap jeong Station line 2, 
      • Small town grenn Bus No. 16, 
      • "mangwon Han gang Park" stop
      • 500 meters walk

  • Mang-won han riverside park
    • Daily duck boat rental is available at Han River Park.
    • There are Paddle boats, windsurfing lessons.
    • There is a Battlefield Park in Hangang Park.
    • Hangang Park has a football field, a baseball field, and a tennis court.

Boryeong Mud festival in Deachen beach, West sea, Korea

Mud festival (west sea) this is very famous fetival.many people go to enjoy mud and beach. You can go for a day or night.

Duration: July 13, 2013 ~ 07.22 Location: Mudro 123, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do (Daecheon Beach) Homepage: http://www.mudfestival.or.kr
(with english, chiness, japaness lang) mud zoon ticket: http://www.mudfestival.or.kr/exerciseProgram/entrance.html how to go: http://www.mudfestival.or.kr/aboutFestival/direction.html (The beaches in Korea are free, but a crowded crowd has turned them into paid ones.)
There is a paid shower room and paid coin locker on the beach. The mud festival is so popular that there are a lot of crowds. It will be easy to wear Lash guards or swimwear in your clothes in advance. You can get motels and lodgings locally. If the cost of lodging is high due to crowded crowd, you can stay at a cheap price in "Jjimjilbang" in Daecheon city.

There are various events every day. You can see the events of the day on the homepage.
[Experience events] - Tidal-flat game experience - Tidal-flat obstacle marathon - Mud Experience Center (Mud Tang, Massage) - Mud Slide - Mud Kidsland etc. [Night Event] - Opening ceremony, closing ceremony singer invitation performance - Mud - World Mud Beauty Festival - Boryeong citizen open concert - Hip hop rave party - EDM Festival etc. [Link Events] - Mud Time Character Performance - Fountain Square Open Performances - Our Rhythm Experience - Mud Yacht Experience and Parade - Air Force Black Eagles Air Show

Cave tourism, Seoul (Gwangmyeong Cave)

You can do a cave sightseeing near Seoul.
Gwangmyeong Cave is located in Gwangmyeong-si near Seoul.
You can easily go by subway and bus.
Length is 7.8 km. It is the only cave near Seoul.
It is an artificially made mine cave, not a natural one.
We have 30 people on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends.

There is an exhibition hall inside the cave, and an exhibition is also held.
There is a performance hall and performances such as concerts are held.
There is also an aquarium and botanical garden, and wine tasting and sales are also served in front of the wine cellar.
There is also a museum displaying a model explaining the history and structure of the mine.

You can download the Flashlight app to your smartphone and take it with you. It is good to be able to shine because there is a dim place.

Homepage: gm.go.kr/cv/en/index.do
Admission fee: 6,000 won
Time: 09:00 ~ 18:00
How to get there: Exit 7, KTX Gwangmyeong Station (Line 1) → Bus 17

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