Capsule Hotel in Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport has opened Capsule Hotel '다락휴 ' 'Darakhyu'
If you want to relax at Incheon International Airport, you can use this capsule hotel.
Starting from January 20, 2017, a tiny hotel for 1 or 2 people is running.
Incheon Airport Transportation Center on the first floor east side, 30 each on the west side, total 60 rooms were prepared.

The rooms have single bed and double bed type with shower room in each room, and single bed + shower and double bed + shower type with no shower room but use common shower room.
It does not serve meals or provide toilets like a regular hotel.

Location: Incheon Airport Transportation Center, 1st floor, east side
Price: Daytime is based on the basic 3 hours Single $ 20 Double $ 30,
       For a night, a single will cost $ 50 and a double will cost $ 55
       When the shower is added, about $ 5 is added.

Baggage storage sevice

There are many baggage storage sevice in seoul, korea.

1. lonterm BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for many lugage in house
Keep your luggage ohter area out of house.
they can keep Box, Carrior, etc.
if you called, they will visit house for it.

1Month : 10,000~25,000won
Delivery service : 15,000won~30,000won

2. short time BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for travelers.
Keep your luggage safe while you explore Seoul to your heart’s content.
Simply visit the office(no reservations necessary) in subway station
Get a discount on long-term storage but, it is some higer than long-term BAGGAGE STORAGE.

1Day : 3,000won~7,000won

Winter Snacheoneo ice festival in Korea

Snacheoneo ice festival

Date: 2017. 1.7 (Sat) to 1.29 (Sun) 23 days
Lllumination street: December 24, 2016 - February 12, 2017/53 days
Location: Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

It is a famous winter festival in Korea.

you can fishing there.
only you need your cloth and glove to protect low temp.

It is fishing that breaks ice on river.
many foreigners went to enjoy ice fishing
there are also barefoot fishing, night fishing, indoor fishing and many other programs.

You can experience snow sledding and ice sledding.

In Hwacheon Street, you can see beautiful illumination.
The indoor ice sculpture plaza will also be installed.

ski, snowboard, skate, snow sliding in seoul, korea

ski and snowboard

you can go ski & snowboard resort with shuttle bus.
there are info in each resort homepage.

near seoul. free shuttle bus. 1hour from seoul.

near seoul. you can go with subway and train.

2019 winter olimpic games will held in gangwon-do Korea.
there are many big ski reort in gangwon-do.
you can go there with shutile bus.

skate in winter

skate in youido
you need to bring glove.
fee : 4000won for 1hour, 1,000won skate rental fee
date : 2016.12.9 ~ 2017.2.14
location : youido han river side park infront or63building
subway : 10min walk from youinaru line5

in 2016, cityhall skate area will not open.
because, there will be citizen demonstration.
subway : 3min work from cityhall line2

snow sliding

snow sliding in worldcup stadium in each winter season.
date : not yet decided
time : 10:00~18:00
fee : 8,000won (4hour 10:00~14:00, 12:00~16:00, 14:00~18:00)
(gloves need)
subway : 10min work from worldcup stadium line6

you need your glove for winter sport.

you need to bring your glove when winter sport area.
you can buy glove in Mart (Emart, Homplus or Diso).

you can rent all other things in resort or skate area.

seoul kimch festival

seoul kimch festival

do you like kimch?
how about to join kimchi festival.

kimchi is korea traditional food.

date: 11.4(Fri)-11.6(Sun).2016
location : seoul plaza
info :

you can join and make kimchi after reservation at homepage.

Seoul lantern festival on each fall season

Seoul lantern festival on each fall season. 서울 등축제

date: 11.04-11.20.2016 (frist week on Nov. on eash years)
location : Seorin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 14 Venue Cheonggyecheon (Cheonggye Plaza - supyogyo /1.2km)info :

there will be many lantern on cheonggye river.
many cityzen went to there on night.
there are many beautiful lanterns.