If you want to find house in seoul, korea, Read Ebook.

Bill initially visits Korea,
but he doesn’t know how to find or rent a place to live in Korea.
He tries to find some information but it is difficult to find.
Bill wonders,
"which area is a good place to live?"
"How much will I have to pay?"
"How do I find an honest rental agent?"
Even if you look at the Lonely Planet Guide for Korea, you will not find this information.
He can see some information in korea company homepage, but he can not trust information of homepages.
because, most of them was realter office homepage with advertisement.
It is hard to look for the good house in the South Korea to foreigner.

However, Bill could find this homepage ebook.

then, Bill knew to what area must look for.
He knew the house of what structure must look for.
He had information about Korean real estate price.
He knew about document, legal right, commission etc…….
He can fine a good house, that house is safe and comfortable associate many south Korea friends.

He became to like the South Korea
If you read this blog, you are going to get information about real estate of south Korea like Bill.