korea house types : apartment

This house type is very much popular in Korea.
 Most of the convenient facilities such as hospitals, schools, municipal offices, department stores, etc are located nearby apartment.
Koreans love to live in apartment because of convenient, good security and many other advantages.
In order to be classified as apartment by law, the followings must be satisfied.
Total land space is more than 660 squre meter.
Total number of flat (household) is more than 20.
The height is more than 5 stories.
The apartment is the most preferred residential type by Koreans and the target of investment.
The speculation on real estate means the speculation on apartment in Korea.

Apartment complex is another small community, and each household has many obligations to keep as a member of its community.
For example, there is regular monthly gathering among themselves to discuss various issues relating to life, policy, etc.

There are several organizations in apartment complex.
The organization by housewives decide even the apartment price itself.

Despite many merits in apartment life, it is difficult for foreign nationals to live in apartment along with Korean families because of language barrier and difference in life style.
Renting an apartment are rarely include furniture or appliances.
Expect to live in an apartment, a fairly small apartment. Since Korea is one of the most densely populated countries on earth only the extremely wealthy or those in rural areas can afford to live in houses.
Korean apartments tend to be around 30% smaller than apartments in the USA or Canada.
Because Korea was rebuilt rapidly after the Korean war and the government wishes to alleviate the chronic shortage of housing, rows of identical apartment buildings march across the country side.