rental system in korea : wol-se

Wol-se (월세) rental system in korea

It is the combination of Jeon-Se and monthly Rental in foreign countries.
In this case, around 20% of the sale price is to be paid as the deposit (security), which will be paid back when the lease contract is expired.
Certain amount is paid every month as a monthly rental charge.
Normally, the method of Wol-Se is as follows.
Sale price : 100,000,000
Jeon-Se price : 70,000,000
Wol-Se : Deposit 10,000,000 and monthly rental charge 700,000
The more deposit you pay upfront, the lower your monthly rent - every additional W10,000,000 deposit you pay reduces your monthly rent by W100,000.
Two month deposit system(high monthly pay) is in some area.
This requires advance payment of the monthly rent at a set date every month for the entire lease term.
There are a few houses without deposit in Gangnam area.
the girls who are working a decadent entertainment establishment, stay that house.
I do not recommend, it is because a thief, murderer, offender, absconders can be inhabiting in your side room.