What major residential areas, is foreigners Inhabit in?

In the past, residential areas for foreigners were centered around foreign embassies.
But, as a result of Korea's rapid internationalization,
today foreigners can be found residing in various areas.

Residential areas for foreigners are becoming ever more diverse.
Expatriate housing usually features spacious living rooms, ample parking, space for entertaining, and attractive views.
In addition, expatriate housing is usually furnished with basic amenities, such as separate dining room and kitchen, built-in cupboards, refrigerator, dishwasher, and gas range and oven. Many expatriate residences are now wired for high speed Internet services.

Yongsan-gu Itaewon

US military stay this area more than 50 years.
American soldier and Americans inhabit much.
now a days It is designated tourist zone, Itaewon is famous for shopping, with a diverse range of shops offering leather apparel, clothing, and other unique goods.

Yongsan-gu Ichon-dong

A large number of Japanese nationals live in this neighborhood of small parks and shops. Apartments are always in great demand in Ichon-dong.

Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong

A significant number of foreign diplomatic missions are located in Hannam-dong, UN Village has many large single-family houses and expensive villas.


Located northwest of Korea's capital, Seoul, Yeonhee-dong is a quiet residential area mostly situated on the hill stretched from surrounding mountains such as Ahnsan and Bukhansan. The area is considered to be one of the best residential area for expatriates having children attending Foreign School which is located in the area, while it is also close to downtown and has plentiful of large single houses with garden.


There are prestigious universities present in the area, such as Yeonse Univ, Ewha girls Univ, Seogang Univ and Hongik Univ.
There are many one-room and two-room units and officetels available for rent here. These small units are preferred by foreign businessmen and students and english teacher.
nowaday, young foreigner want to live this area.

Hongdae(= Hong-Ik Univ.)

Hong-Ik University is famous for fine arts.
Including Picasso street, there are many clubs and cafe.
in Friday Club day event, many foreigners and young persons is on street

Gangnam-gu / Seocho-gu

These areas include Samseong-dong, Banpo-dong, Bangbae-dong and Seocho-dong. Of particular note, the area nearby Bangbae Middle School is home to many French nationals with a French school and grocery market situated there.
There are a number of detached houses, villas and apartments for rent exclusively for expatriates.
The high-rise Samsung World Center and Human Touch, both in the Gangnam area, are exclusively for foreigners.


This area is known for its expensive detached houses and villas. Large houses are leased as embassy offices, while villas are rented to executives of foreign corporations.
The embassies of many South American and African countries are in the Pyeongchang-dong area, which has convenient access to downtown Seoul.
Wolse: 5 million~7 million won for detached houses;
7 million~9 million won for villas;
9 million~12 million for large houses

Sinyeong-dong / Gugi-dong

There are some residential areas for expatriates around the Sinyeong rotary. Villas near Sangmyung University are favored by expatriates. This area also has convenient access to the downtown business district.


This is a residential area with many large houses and expensive villas. Many of the area's large houses are leased as embassy buildings, while its villas are preferred by executives of multinational companies. The official residence of some European ambassadors and the Japanese ambassador are in this area, which is near the Bukak Skyway and other tourist attractions.

The others

Professor, foreign language teacher, overseas student inhabit college surrounding or near from subway
University area is Sinchon, Hongdae, Sirloin, Anamdong etc.
College or institute lent for them or they lent themselves.

As Korean, they prefer apartment. they inhabit in the apartment complex around subway
Seoul area being linked by subway, station.

Laborers who come from China or Asia inhabit in area that price is inexpensive near factory area.