Where is best area, I live in?

If you have a children, I recommend foreigner school area.
I presented school area on this paper.
Many foreigner families inhabit near foreigner school area like younhee-dong.

Itaewon is convenient to live because there are many shops for foreigner.
If you stay sort time, It is convenient area.
If you are not US. Armed Forces, I do not recommend Itaewon.
Your opportunity that you contact the South Korea may decrease.
and the people in that area may be thought that the USA culture is Korean culture.

I recommend area of any subway station.
You can go all Seoul through subway.
Subway is route that citizen uses most.
Subway train pass Gangnam, Youngdungpo, Sinchon, Hongik, Ulziro, Dongdamun, Jamsil.

Do not inhabit on Seoul Station surrounding.
If it is no need work every day in local country side, traffic division HABITAT is inconvenient area.
Line 1 that pass Seoul Station was behind, and transit is uncomfortable.

If you are young, I recommend good area to meet with South Korea friends.
It is Gangnam, Sinchon, Hongik, Daehakro area.

If you are interests in new korean independent music culture, I recommend Hongik area.
independence band, club etc. is on Hongik Univ surrounding.
Large majority of young persons' meeting is in Sinchon, Hongik, Daehakro
Interesting meeting, marvelous cafe etc. is in Sinchon, Hongdae, Daehakro

If you like sports, I recommend river side.
You can do running, inline skate, cycle in river side.
I saw foreigners who exercise regularly in river side.
You can see korean people who enjoy much leisures in river side.

Do not fear that you live in area which many korean live.
Most area in city is very safe, and traffic is convenient.
Many korean want to inhabit in big apartment area.
There are shopping center, health club, hospital, etc.

Points to Be Considered About Residence
-Living Cost
-Necessary size
-transportation to school or workplace
-Neighborhood and surroundings