Winter Snacheoneo ice festival in Korea

Snacheoneo ice festival

Date: 2017. 1.7 (Sat) to 1.29 (Sun) 23 days
Lllumination street: December 24, 2016 - February 12, 2017/53 days
Location: Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do

It is a famous winter festival in Korea.

you can fishing there.
only you need your cloth and glove to protect low temp.

It is fishing that breaks ice on river.
many foreigners went to enjoy ice fishing
there are also barefoot fishing, night fishing, indoor fishing and many other programs.

You can experience snow sledding and ice sledding.

In Hwacheon Street, you can see beautiful illumination.
The indoor ice sculpture plaza will also be installed.

seoul kimch festival

seoul kimch festival

do you like kimch?
how about to join kimchi festival.

kimchi is korea traditional food.

date: 11.4(Fri)-11.6(Sun).2016
location : seoul plaza
info :

you can join and make kimchi after reservation at homepage.

Seoul Gugak Week (korea traditional music)

Seoul Gugak Week (korea traditional music)

Date : 10.14~10.16
location : gungwhamun line5. in front of kungbokgung palace.
timetable :

there will be many tracditional music show on street in this week.

Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale

Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale
Korean version of Black Friday will be held 'Korea Sale FESTA'.
The foreigners 'korea grand sale' and open the 'Korea Black Friday' Korea Festival three days together aimed at locals.

Date: 10.1 ~ 31
Area: Seoul metropolitan area, major municipalities nationwide.

If korea grand sale will be held in October each year.
Until last year, he attended only retailers such as department stores or supermarkets.
This year has participated en masse to consumer electronics manufacturers and online stores, car companies.
As well as 249 retail consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers such as dog participating companies.
The store can host more than 59,000 are involved.

Domestic car makers to up to 10% for some models, you can get discounts up 4 million won.
Mobile phones can also be purchased at almost half price.
The credit card companies also provide the 'interest-free installment five months' benefits.
Department stores and discount up to 80%.
Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics also discounts up to 53%.
The cosmetics discount of 20-50%.
In department stores and apartments and 400 million won, including superannuation sweepstakes 7 billion.

You can buy a range of products very inexpensive and can be seen K-pop star through cultural events.
The opening of a K-pop concert held in 10.30, as the evening Gangnam youngdong gil.(coex subway station line2)
55 cultural festivals held containing the K-pop content from across the country.

  • 'K-POP concert "(9.30): Shiny. 2PM, Infinite, Hsien Blue, Wonder Girls, Girl's Day, A Pink, Airlie, Mamamoo, Biggs, eyioh this, Got7, red velvet, girlfriends, children in Iowa, including a total of 25 teams
  • Apgujeong Rodeo Street Fashion Festival (10.1 2-3)
  • International Peace Marathon (10.3)
  • Global Chef Food Festival Scenes (10.3)
  • Gangnam Style Dance Festival (10.3)

wow book festival on hongdae street. end of Sept.

wow book festival is autumn book festival in the streets of Hongdae every year.
books exhibited in various publishers
they are sold at discounted prices.
there are the book lecture events in Seogyo Art Center, Sangsang madang.

This year especially, the exhibition of French books and proceed with the related activities.

date : 2016.9.29(Thursday) - 10.3(Monday)
location : Hongik University Street parking in front of one,
   galleries and alternative spaces, etc.
time table :

the resurrection of hasuk, homestay

hasuk is a homestay university.
hasuk is renting a room that is one of several private rooms.
it is main rental system in past, university in Korea.
hasuk using toilet together with many persons, as privacy is not good, even if the curfew was determined.
The age varies up and were students prefer the studio rather than hasuk.
In Korea Univ. hasuk is almost disappeared five years ago.

However, this hasuk has appeared again in the university area apartments last year.
A grandmother of three rooms of Seongbuk-gu, Seoul recently rent a small room for student.
If women living alone in big apt. they find female students hasuk renter.

The landlord perspective, the studio was oversupply, hasuk, also in terms of rate of return than the studio.
One room have private toilet in each room.
one floor in building, one room is made only about 5 rooms.
If hasuk, 1 floor for 1 or 2 toilets, so, there can be about 8 rooms.

some students want stay hasuk because it is lower price then one room.
In addition, students want to stay jensei(high deposit and no monthly).
However, jensei can not be found near universities.
or some students wa to stay no furniture, or partially furniture room, because it is lower price.

old market in seoul

- how about to go to dongdaemun market?
it is clouded all night.
Exit14, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Line 2, 4, 5
Exit8 or 9, Dongdaemun Station Line 1

- how can we go to Itaewon underground market?
you can use subway line6.
5min from exit4, Itaewon station line6

- do you have any recommendations for a night market here in Seoul aside from Insadong?
many old market disappear in korea. also, this market  close at 19:00
line1, jonro 5ga

- any big old market near house?
there are worldcup market.
many japantour list visit this market.
mangwon subway station line6

spring cherry blossom flower festival

spring cherry blossom flower festival
each spring season
there are peak cherry blossom flower on many area

-near loft house : small river street
-near triple house : dynamo street
-yuido long river street

small river near house, cherry bloosom festival in april
small river near house, walking festival
exit4, eungam subway station.

this cherry bloosom festival is biggest in korea.
youinaro line5 (yuido)
you can go with subway.
youi-naru station line5, 여의나루역 5호선

jamsil line2 (lotte world) cherry bloosom festival

where can wear traditional korean dress?

insadong ssamgi-gil  인사동 쌈지길

photo traditional cloth cafe
map :
user blog :

free photo traditional cloth in palace
kings cloth in palace (2days ago reservation)

package tour company

famouse tour company
hana tour(biggest in korea)
hana tour jeju

modu tour(2nd in korea)
modu tour jeju^LOC11^LOC1

ybtour tour(many people, this company is chip)

very small tour company, useally for english teachers in korea

do you know any good park here in Seoul with green trees?

olympic park.
photo in glass (very big park, east of seoul)
subway : olympicpark line5
blog :

worldcup park.
very big 4 park, west of seoul
subway : worldcub stadium line6

Shopping in seoul

Premium Outlets
Lotte Premium Outlets in Paju (롯데 프리미엄 아울렛 파주점)
this is very big and many famouse brand shops
#2200 bus : hapjung(합정) line2 (exit 1).  
it take 30min

Sinsegae Premium Outlets in Paju
#2200 bus : hapjung(합정) line2 (exit 1).
it take 1hour

Sinsegae Premium Outlets in Yeoju
dong-seoul bus terminal(동서울 시외버스 터미널) at dong-seoul line2
take bus to yeoju bus terminal (여주 시외버스 터미널)
it take 1hour 30min
fee: 5,700won

seoul station(서울역) line1

mapogu tour info

hongdae seoul fringe festival in summer

hangang outdoor swimming pool  in summer
time : 09:00 ~ 20:00
fee : 5000wonkorea tour info
tel : 02-3780-0601, 02-322-6302
taxi : hanggang mangwon swimming pool (한강 망원지구 야외 수영장)
bus : take small green bus #16, at exit1 out of hapjung subway station line2
     (합정역 1번 출구 2호선 마을버스 16번 이용)
etc : you can bring food. parasol is free for 4 person.

hangang camping

worldcup stadium

hongik area tour

hangang (han-river)

Korea TV & drama in internet

Realter steal Jeonse high deposit

Female real estate broker Kang (50age) steal renter's Jeonse deposit in Univ area.

Wolse 월세 - key deposit (for example, 10 million won), some monthly fee.
Jeonse 전세 - high deposit (for example, 50 million won), no monthly fee.
Many of Korea renters prefer jeonse because not paying monthly fee.

G apartment(in woomandong, Paldal-gu, Suwon)  has more than 100 tenants live in a total of seven buildings.
a lot of students live there.
because there are universitys.

Landlords ask wolse to realter.
However, realter lied to the tenants that was jeonse.

Realter received jeonse high deposit from renter.
And, realter give wolse small deposit to landlord.
Realter take money (Jeonse deposit - Wolse deposit)

it is only two weeks for the upcoming opening of a college course.
so, many college students can not take there jensei deposit and sit me on the street.

residents complained the charter contract fraud already more than 30 people.
Only verified damages amounting to 10 billion won.
More victims found the situation to be continued.

Mr. K tenants said.
"Jeonse deposit were buying just 80 million won. "

Mr. P The landlord said.
"A real estate broker's gonna to believe entrusted to receive any fees from the middle did not know would happen"

How to reduce air conditioning electricity?

Air conditioning is good to work hard at the first operation.
Air conditioning is because most electricity consumption when it is first run.
It would strongly recommend that you switch to using a thin flexible air conditioning experts agreed that the most inefficient.
When the air conditioning is hot, we recommend that you use only until you reach the desired temperature before self.
Frequent power can be turned off and the electric charge out more.
Used at a time to the desired temperature and a long time does not work.

It may be used in conjunction with a fan.
Give the play quickly with cold air fans for air conditioning is reduced when the match time to the desired temperature because the spread.

Use fans instead of air conditioning.
Line bearing the electric charge is very small.
Air conditioning consumes same electricity of 20EA - 30EA Fan.
electricity consumption(the fans play all day) is same air conditioning for 1hour.

Desired temperature is 25C degrees "and out" operation time is 1hours, or less,
Proper sleep in summer temperature is 25C degrees.
When you set the desired temperature to a lower temperature than this, as well as electric bills come out much is not good for your health.
Haejimyeon interior is dry and easily susceptible to cold, cool temperatures below 20C also interfere with sleep.
If you wish to use the air conditioner was running a temperature of 22C degrees 26C degrees can save about 9 million won a month.

Air conditioning and electricity bills

Summer in Korea, comes with air conditioning uses a lot of electricity bills.

Korea Electric Power has applied to residential progressive.
Rates will rise sharply since ohreumyeo little more than 500kWh to 100kWh increments.

Homes electricity is to think that a progressive tax is applied above.

The following electricity price?
The use of electricity monthly average of 300kWh (approximately ₩ 37,380).
Use to add about five hours a day during the summer air conditioning.

The latest of the latest 16 pyeongdae 2kW air conditioning power consumption.
With each day, 5 hours a month (30 days), the consumption power 2 (kW) * 5 (h) * is a 30 = 300kW / h.
 Air-conditioning power consumption, only 300kwh, adding them to existing usage count is writing a month 600kwh.

Electricity is calculated every time exceeds every progressive 100kwh according to the progressive application.
Only about the first 100kWh low rates only adhere to the basic rate of 6070 won, the fees for 100 ~ 200kwh is ₩ 12,590, the fee is ₩ 18,790 for the next 200 ~ 300kwh.
 Rates of 300 ~ 400kwh is ₩ 28,060, 400 ~ 500kWh period is followed by a ₩ 41,770.
 About the period in excess of 709.5 won per 500kwh gotta be charged 1kwh become ₩ 70,950.

Therefore 100kWh * 60.7 = 6070 W,
100kWh * 125.9 = 12590 won,
100kWh * 187.9 = 18790 won,
100kWh * 280.6 = 28060 won,
100kWh * 417.7 = 41770 won,
100kWh * 709.5 = 70950 won

Using electricity is 600kwh 178,230won the sum of all the above (excluding VAT).
Using did was double the electricity than usual electricity consumption by air conditioning is 4.7 times more than that would be expensive.

New apartment sale price rose.

The first half of 2016 (January to June), the average is 21.6 million won per 3.3㎡ Seoul Korea new apartment sale price.
The first half of 2015 (January to June), the average is 16.9 million won per 3.3㎡ .
So, This amount rose to 4.69 million won per 3.3㎡ (28% rose).

Gangnam-gu new apartment(Sinbanpo Xi, Raemian Blesstegy, etc ) make to rise this.
The most expensive place is Gangnam to distinguish is 39.1 million won per 3.3㎡
Gaepo Raemian (40.4 million won per 3.3㎡) , Ilwon-dong Raemian (37.7 million won) led the sale price rises.
Seocho-gu (34.2 million won), Dongjak (22.8 million won), and Yongsan (22.5 million won).
Gwangjin-gu rose 16% (17.9 million won per 3.3㎡).
Eunpyeong-gu also rose 13% to 15.88 million won.
On the other hand, Seodaemun-gu fell 1.7% (19.1 million won per 3.3㎡).

The high price Officetel has become popular.

officetel sale price is usually 2 ~ 3 billion won.
however, this high price Officetel more than 10 billion in recent years has become popular.

in 2015 it's transactions in the country is 113 rooms.
in 2014, it was 83 rooms.

January 2014 ~ March 2016, more than 20 billion won Officetel in sales was also 24 places.

some rich use the high price Officetel to their children's living, and give ti to their children.

the high price Officetel was equipped like high price apartments that has interior design.
the high price Officetel is located in the commercial area, the traffic surface is lower than the apartment.

the high price Officetel's rent fee is also expensive prices.
a general studio in yeoksam or Gangnam Subway station, rent fee is 1 ~ 2 million won with deposit 10 million won.
the high price Officetel is 3 ~ 5 million won rent fee with deposit 30 million won.

the CEO in foreign enterprises, celebrities, many financial income workers etc rent the high price Officetel.

but, the limited rental demand in the high price Officetel, there need an investment caution.

Some international students are stays in gosiwon.

Some international students are stays in gosiwon.
Gosiwon is about two 5㎡ area.

Rooms attached near other room in gosiwon.
There are are bed and a desk equipped with a small space.
Some room has toilet incide or some room has not, so you should use a public restroom.
The kitchen and dining room have to share with other people.
The exchange rate is generally low in China and Southeast Asian students live.

University dorms cost is 3 million won level in four months.
On the other hand gosiwon rent is about 0.5milwon per month.
One room is more than a one-year contract on ordinary deposit 10 million won.

International students dislike to pay deposit.

There is no re-sealed gosiwon to narrow cozy.
Most gosiwon is about the width of the corridor were not two men side by side surge.
Noise is the biggest complaint.
In the next room I hear everything from small voice.
In addition, foreign students are supposed to be uncomfortable with the noise late at night because of the currency difference.

The increased foreign students in Korea are increasing while some problems.

One who abandon school are increasing among students.

The end of 2015, foreign students who study abandonment is 3598 people.
Equivalent to 3.73% of the total foreign students.
The university placed more than 10% of foreign students stop attending school in the middle or is 21 places.
Mostly fat pad.

Most of the students are language problems kkopneunda quit during the study.
International students are required also for the communication and South Korea Korean students.
However, the Language Education Institute of the University Tuition in Korea amounts to tens of million.

Victoria's (21 and over) have quit their studies.
she said.
"Although faced the expectations to study in Korea spent too difficult to study abroad because of the language barrier.
On international students are also struggling as if in the face of difficulties adapting to school life studying in the fold, "

Korean students are among the foreign students as possible to be the half of the survey.

Many of them gave up their studies in the middle has degenerated into such a lucrative illegal aliens while chosen instead of returning home.
Registered Students of illegal immigrants amounts to 6973 people last year basis.

Also voicing phishing crime and drugs are, even itttareugo offenses such as illegal employment.
South Korea last Chinese students Mossi king abandoned his studies in 2014 were illegal without returning home.
He was caught by the police while voice phishing activity in the domestic recruiters.

Incheon university professor said.
"No two languages ​​interact in a loose selection criteria or because international students are coming academic motivation it is lacking.
 After all they have led to a vicious cycle focused on studying part-time jobs than growing number of case studies to give up halfway. "

South Korea aims to attract 2023 international students 20 million people by the year

Foreign visitors to Korea in late April the number of international students International students 103 509 people are
 Bureau announced it would increase limited portion coming from international students in 2023 to 20 million.
 South Korea's government has propped up various support programs for foreign students is expected to continue increasing.

 According to the Ministry of Justice in two days you are staying in Korea for Foreign Students (Student + language training) is 10 10 000 3509 2016 standard 4 people at the end of the month.
 April 2015 increased compared to the (10 008 9911 people) compared to 15.1%.

South Korea has established a visa to study in connection work and learning from June 1.
South Korea to study the government has simplified visa
South Korea has made a short term course of the season and 1-2 semester student visa in addition to the regular degree programs also have established a short-term study (D-2-8) visa.

South Korea is actively involved in ensuring international student population decline because of such production and engineering personnel shortages, deficits abroad.
Ministry official said, "the country and attract excellent international students urgently needed to improve the competitive university".

This university is 12 or where the foreign students enrolled beyond 1000 people last year, according to standards.
All the local university in Seoul.
3653 people are Yonsei, Kyunghee 2731 people, 2454 people of Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University is 2095 people order.
Hanyang University (1918 people) Konkuk University (1626 people), Dongguk University (1492 people), Kookmin University (1355 people), Korea University of Foreign Studies (1181 people), Chung (1155 people), Ewha Women's University (1125 people), Seoul (1062 people), etc. to be.

Foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people

On the foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people.
The school grew around the culture and amenities for foreign students.

The Chinese influence around the school is large enough to recall the 'Chinatown'.
Chinese PC dedicated room, opened a Chinese grocery store, a Chinese restaurant door.
Multi-shop for Chinese students has also appeared one after another.
Multi-shop and buying a ticket, the renminbi exchange, grocery sales, etc. for Chinese students at the same time.
The Chinese students gathered in the Chinese residential living area is created.

Increased capital students from Islamic culture.
4 May 2016 the number of university students from Islamic countries, Uzbekistan 44.6% YoY and 15.2% in Indonesia, Pakistan 10%, Malaysia 7.7%, and has increased by 19.7% in Bangladesh.

In the university cafeteria it is increasing here to provide Halal (Halal and Islamic law in the processing and cooking food) food.
Hanyang has established a dedicated kitchen Seoul and Ansan campus for Muslim students this year.
Sejong also provides halal food to the menu from the first quarter of this year.
Ewha Womans University also laid the kitchen to cook a halal food.
Sun Moon sells halal food in the student cafeteria.

Also a prayer room for Muslims, many universities are currently operating.
Kookmin University, Hanyang University, Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University also has a prayer room for Muslim students.
Ewha Womans University, Sogang University has a multicultural prayer room.

The Chinese people buy property in Seoul

Foreigners bought 1.1% of the total land area of Jeju.
the Chinese buyer was most common at 44%.

Now, The Chinese people buy property around university in Seoul.

Housed in a super health food shop in Seoul near Hongik University and Sinchon are owned by Chinese people.
Chinese people to bought the old building to repair, and make shop for groups of Chinese tourists.

Chinese people bought House to make guesthouse.

Seoul held by Chinese real estate has increased more than doubled compared to two years ago by parcel basis.

The Chinese are also buying an apartment, as well as comocial real estate.

developing area in Jeju is already saturated, which will turn the attention of the investment to Seoul.

The Chinese like to Investing in commercial real estate in Seoul.

Many tourists visit Hongdae

2015 of 1100 thousand foreign tourists find the Seoul metropolitan area and nearly 58% of the 6.51 million people visited the Mapo Hongdae and Sinchon that.
Tourists visiting the Hongdae of which amounted to 61.8%.
Gabomyeon the Hongdae can see many foreigners filled the streets.
In the club you can easily see the foreigners.

On the other hand, Dongdaemun market is losing its influence.

The tourists are looking for Hongdae and Sinchon Instead, Dongdaemun is because their pleasure is changing.
If you've previously visited Korea for the purpose of shopping there recently looking to enjoy the culture of Korea.

The reason for visiting tourists visited Mapo-gu, Seoul Hongdae, according to the Agency published the "2015 Tourism Statistics Mapo research 'was' a variety of restaurants and distinctive streets.
"Street performances" and "exotic flea market 'and also the unique culture of Hongdae only magazine said.

Tourists can enjoy visiting the shopping various shops around the Hongdae.

Another also considered "accessible from Incheon International Airport.
An official Agency Mapo-gu, Seoul Hongdae is just get off the "Sinchon and Hongdae near the foreigners access to the good part," he said, "airport railway.
So yeonnam, looks a lot guesthouse donggyodong up, "he hinted.
The stay of tourists in 2014 based on tourists staying in Mapo increased 12.4% points to 42.0% from 29.6% in 2013.

Average monthly rent for long term house in seoul

Based on 4 May 2016, the average monthly rent is ₩ 67,100 per full 3.3㎡ of Seoul.
The survey took place based on only a small one-bedroom smaller than 33㎡ and 10milwon deposit for 1 ~2 years lease period.

One room rent is the most expensive place in Seoul 25 per 3.3㎡ borough was found in Jung-gu.
The average monthly rent per 3.3㎡ of Jung-gu, Seoul was the highest of the 25 autonomous regions to ₩ 78,900.
Jung is about 17.6% higher price than the overall average of Seoul.
Jung is due to the large demand, while supply volume is relatively small piece pyeonyira rent expensive urban area in Seoul.

Sodaemun-gu (₩ 76,700), Mapo-gu (₩ 74,500), Gwangjin-gu (₩ 74,200), Jongno-gu (₩ 74,000) that was followed.

The most expensive place home sales price in Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu, Seoul is.
The area ranks rent studio Gangnam, Seocho and the sixth was only to record the ninth.
One room is wide of Gangnam, Seocho area.
In addition, many Gangnam and Seocho is the supply volume, the surrounding area is also affected, such as Pangyo.

Jung was the sale of 182 cases, Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu and has revealed that 1,494 cases and 554 cases respectively, much more than the monthly rent amount, Jung-gu.

Rent is the cheapest place in Seoul, the average amount of rent per 3.3㎡ a collar was only 69% of Jung to ₩ 54,700.
Dobong (₩ 55,400) and Eunpyeong (₩ 59,900), Gangdong-gu (₩ 62,000), etc. The rent was cheap then-collar area.

Hope photographer.

When you go to Gwanghwamun line5, you can meet Hope photographer.

The city goverment runs a movable photo studio.
The shop is two photographers for the work.

Photos are placed in a framed print taken immediately to sell the material in mugs, commemorative towels.
There are two framed product 3000 won, 4000 won.
And a cup and a towel is 7000 won.
Sales proceeds will be utilized to help the homeless.

Increase and reduced

South Korea has a rental scheme called .
will pay a higher deposit, no monthly fee rent.
mean small deposit and high monthly fee rent.
Many tenants prefer a because they don't need to pay monthly fee.

The interest rate was high time, landlords are also favored .
If you received from tenants in a bank it could receive a higher deposit to receive a higher interest than the monthly rent.
However, when interest rates are low, the gain would receive a higher monthly rent security deposit.
Thus, low interest rates these days and prefer the landlord more then .
Currently yields are greatly exceeds 5% a year
but the bank deposit interest rate is around 1%.

According to the Statistical Office of the March 3, 2016 'household trends,
actual housing costs of households last year ( basis) is ₩ 74,227 monthly average was a 20.8% increase in the new one years.
This is the highest level since the statistics started out in 2003.
Growth also hit the highest ever.

Housing is a family show an increase of 7.0% in 2013, 4.0% in 2014 suddenly 20.8% increased dramatically last year.
It means   is changed to .

In fact, among the last lease transactions The proportion was the highest since statistics began to be aggregated to 44.2% in 2011 (33.0%).

Last year 821,000 cases, while trading volume decreased 5.1% Trading volume grew 8.3% to 650,000 cases.
In particular, Seoul Volume (215,000 cases) showed a steep rise is increasing by 11.6%. This year in January accounted for 46.6%, and continued to rise.

University dormitories fee in Korea

University dormitories in Korea has two types.
In schools dormitories and dormitories of outside the capital.
because It lacks a lot dormitory, committed outside the capital is building a dormitory.

Typical dormitories cost for 1person is as follows.
Yonsei private dormitory - SK International Baccalaureate, 3 months, 2.64 million
Korea - Frontier tube, 3 months, 2.32 million
Konkuk University - Cool House, 3 months, 2.18 million

The Lunar New Year holiday event palaces in seoul

The Lunar New Year holiday.
I will recommand this dynamic event.
This is good chance you learn korean old life.

The five-day holiday will be full of cultural programs in seoul.
You can enjoy palaces and folk games

Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Deoksugung palaces, will be open throughout the holiday from Feb. 6-10, offering traditional activities and folk games.
Admissionis free on Feb. 8.

Gyeongbokgung Palace
experience the traditional floor heating system “ondol”
perform the formal Lunar New Year greeting to elders, “sebae.”

Deoksugung Palace
the traditional board game “yutnori”
the arrow-throwing “tuho” into a narrow-necked jar.

the National Folk Museum
fortune-tellers to read fortunes of visitors from Sunday to Tuesday at the museum lobby.
visitor's date and time of their birth to the fortune-tellers for accurate prediction.
In the front courtyard, casual fortune-telling program in which visitors can test their luck with wooden sticks that are used to play yutnori. One’s fortune can be read from different ways sticks are thrown. For more .

Namsan Hanok Village
Feb. 7-9,
traditional rice cake soup, tteokguk, to visitors three times a day at 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. for free on its front courtyard.
a guide to the traditional ancestral ritual “charye” table at noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Visitors will also be able to participate in the rice cake-making session from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The National Folk Museum of Korea
Dance and music performance in the front courtyard

Unhyeongung Palace
Performances with a variety of traditional Korean arts and Traditional Folk Games

royal guard change
2pm 7. Feb