Increase and reduced

South Korea has a rental scheme called .
will pay a higher deposit, no monthly fee rent.
mean small deposit and high monthly fee rent.
Many tenants prefer a because they don't need to pay monthly fee.

The interest rate was high time, landlords are also favored .
If you received from tenants in a bank it could receive a higher deposit to receive a higher interest than the monthly rent.
However, when interest rates are low, the gain would receive a higher monthly rent security deposit.
Thus, low interest rates these days and prefer the landlord more then .
Currently yields are greatly exceeds 5% a year
but the bank deposit interest rate is around 1%.

According to the Statistical Office of the March 3, 2016 'household trends,
actual housing costs of households last year ( basis) is ₩ 74,227 monthly average was a 20.8% increase in the new one years.
This is the highest level since the statistics started out in 2003.
Growth also hit the highest ever.

Housing is a family show an increase of 7.0% in 2013, 4.0% in 2014 suddenly 20.8% increased dramatically last year.
It means   is changed to .

In fact, among the last lease transactions The proportion was the highest since statistics began to be aggregated to 44.2% in 2011 (33.0%).

Last year 821,000 cases, while trading volume decreased 5.1% Trading volume grew 8.3% to 650,000 cases.
In particular, Seoul Volume (215,000 cases) showed a steep rise is increasing by 11.6%. This year in January accounted for 46.6%, and continued to rise.