Average monthly rent for long term house in seoul

Based on 4 May 2016, the average monthly rent is ₩ 67,100 per full 3.3㎡ of Seoul.
The survey took place based on only a small one-bedroom smaller than 33㎡ and 10milwon deposit for 1 ~2 years lease period.

One room rent is the most expensive place in Seoul 25 per 3.3㎡ borough was found in Jung-gu.
The average monthly rent per 3.3㎡ of Jung-gu, Seoul was the highest of the 25 autonomous regions to ₩ 78,900.
Jung is about 17.6% higher price than the overall average of Seoul.
Jung is due to the large demand, while supply volume is relatively small piece pyeonyira rent expensive urban area in Seoul.

Sodaemun-gu (₩ 76,700), Mapo-gu (₩ 74,500), Gwangjin-gu (₩ 74,200), Jongno-gu (₩ 74,000) that was followed.

The most expensive place home sales price in Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu, Seoul is.
The area ranks rent studio Gangnam, Seocho and the sixth was only to record the ninth.
One room is wide of Gangnam, Seocho area.
In addition, many Gangnam and Seocho is the supply volume, the surrounding area is also affected, such as Pangyo.

Jung was the sale of 182 cases, Gangnam-gu, Seocho-gu and has revealed that 1,494 cases and 554 cases respectively, much more than the monthly rent amount, Jung-gu.

Rent is the cheapest place in Seoul, the average amount of rent per 3.3㎡ a collar was only 69% of Jung to ₩ 54,700.
Dobong (₩ 55,400) and Eunpyeong (₩ 59,900), Gangdong-gu (₩ 62,000), etc. The rent was cheap then-collar area.