The high price Officetel has become popular.

officetel sale price is usually 2 ~ 3 billion won.
however, this high price Officetel more than 10 billion in recent years has become popular.

in 2015 it's transactions in the country is 113 rooms.
in 2014, it was 83 rooms.

January 2014 ~ March 2016, more than 20 billion won Officetel in sales was also 24 places.

some rich use the high price Officetel to their children's living, and give ti to their children.

the high price Officetel was equipped like high price apartments that has interior design.
the high price Officetel is located in the commercial area, the traffic surface is lower than the apartment.

the high price Officetel's rent fee is also expensive prices.
a general studio in yeoksam or Gangnam Subway station, rent fee is 1 ~ 2 million won with deposit 10 million won.
the high price Officetel is 3 ~ 5 million won rent fee with deposit 30 million won.

the CEO in foreign enterprises, celebrities, many financial income workers etc rent the high price Officetel.

but, the limited rental demand in the high price Officetel, there need an investment caution.

Some international students are stays in gosiwon.

Some international students are stays in gosiwon.
Gosiwon is about two 5㎡ area.

Rooms attached near other room in gosiwon.
There are are bed and a desk equipped with a small space.
Some room has toilet incide or some room has not, so you should use a public restroom.
The kitchen and dining room have to share with other people.
The exchange rate is generally low in China and Southeast Asian students live.

University dorms cost is 3 million won level in four months.
On the other hand gosiwon rent is about 0.5milwon per month.
One room is more than a one-year contract on ordinary deposit 10 million won.

International students dislike to pay deposit.

There is no re-sealed gosiwon to narrow cozy.
Most gosiwon is about the width of the corridor were not two men side by side surge.
Noise is the biggest complaint.
In the next room I hear everything from small voice.
In addition, foreign students are supposed to be uncomfortable with the noise late at night because of the currency difference.

The increased foreign students in Korea are increasing while some problems.

One who abandon school are increasing among students.

The end of 2015, foreign students who study abandonment is 3598 people.
Equivalent to 3.73% of the total foreign students.
The university placed more than 10% of foreign students stop attending school in the middle or is 21 places.
Mostly fat pad.

Most of the students are language problems kkopneunda quit during the study.
International students are required also for the communication and South Korea Korean students.
However, the Language Education Institute of the University Tuition in Korea amounts to tens of million.

Victoria's (21 and over) have quit their studies.
she said.
"Although faced the expectations to study in Korea spent too difficult to study abroad because of the language barrier.
On international students are also struggling as if in the face of difficulties adapting to school life studying in the fold, "

Korean students are among the foreign students as possible to be the half of the survey.

Many of them gave up their studies in the middle has degenerated into such a lucrative illegal aliens while chosen instead of returning home.
Registered Students of illegal immigrants amounts to 6973 people last year basis.

Also voicing phishing crime and drugs are, even itttareugo offenses such as illegal employment.
South Korea last Chinese students Mossi king abandoned his studies in 2014 were illegal without returning home.
He was caught by the police while voice phishing activity in the domestic recruiters.

Incheon university professor said.
"No two languages ​​interact in a loose selection criteria or because international students are coming academic motivation it is lacking.
 After all they have led to a vicious cycle focused on studying part-time jobs than growing number of case studies to give up halfway. "

South Korea aims to attract 2023 international students 20 million people by the year

Foreign visitors to Korea in late April the number of international students International students 103 509 people are
 Bureau announced it would increase limited portion coming from international students in 2023 to 20 million.
 South Korea's government has propped up various support programs for foreign students is expected to continue increasing.

 According to the Ministry of Justice in two days you are staying in Korea for Foreign Students (Student + language training) is 10 10 000 3509 2016 standard 4 people at the end of the month.
 April 2015 increased compared to the (10 008 9911 people) compared to 15.1%.

South Korea has established a visa to study in connection work and learning from June 1.
South Korea to study the government has simplified visa
South Korea has made a short term course of the season and 1-2 semester student visa in addition to the regular degree programs also have established a short-term study (D-2-8) visa.

South Korea is actively involved in ensuring international student population decline because of such production and engineering personnel shortages, deficits abroad.
Ministry official said, "the country and attract excellent international students urgently needed to improve the competitive university".

This university is 12 or where the foreign students enrolled beyond 1000 people last year, according to standards.
All the local university in Seoul.
3653 people are Yonsei, Kyunghee 2731 people, 2454 people of Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University is 2095 people order.
Hanyang University (1918 people) Konkuk University (1626 people), Dongguk University (1492 people), Kookmin University (1355 people), Korea University of Foreign Studies (1181 people), Chung (1155 people), Ewha Women's University (1125 people), Seoul (1062 people), etc. to be.

Foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people

On the foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people.
The school grew around the culture and amenities for foreign students.

The Chinese influence around the school is large enough to recall the 'Chinatown'.
Chinese PC dedicated room, opened a Chinese grocery store, a Chinese restaurant door.
Multi-shop for Chinese students has also appeared one after another.
Multi-shop and buying a ticket, the renminbi exchange, grocery sales, etc. for Chinese students at the same time.
The Chinese students gathered in the Chinese residential living area is created.

Increased capital students from Islamic culture.
4 May 2016 the number of university students from Islamic countries, Uzbekistan 44.6% YoY and 15.2% in Indonesia, Pakistan 10%, Malaysia 7.7%, and has increased by 19.7% in Bangladesh.

In the university cafeteria it is increasing here to provide Halal (Halal and Islamic law in the processing and cooking food) food.
Hanyang has established a dedicated kitchen Seoul and Ansan campus for Muslim students this year.
Sejong also provides halal food to the menu from the first quarter of this year.
Ewha Womans University also laid the kitchen to cook a halal food.
Sun Moon sells halal food in the student cafeteria.

Also a prayer room for Muslims, many universities are currently operating.
Kookmin University, Hanyang University, Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University also has a prayer room for Muslim students.
Ewha Womans University, Sogang University has a multicultural prayer room.