Foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people

On the foreign students in Korea more than 10 million people.
The school grew around the culture and amenities for foreign students.

The Chinese influence around the school is large enough to recall the 'Chinatown'.
Chinese PC dedicated room, opened a Chinese grocery store, a Chinese restaurant door.
Multi-shop for Chinese students has also appeared one after another.
Multi-shop and buying a ticket, the renminbi exchange, grocery sales, etc. for Chinese students at the same time.
The Chinese students gathered in the Chinese residential living area is created.

Increased capital students from Islamic culture.
4 May 2016 the number of university students from Islamic countries, Uzbekistan 44.6% YoY and 15.2% in Indonesia, Pakistan 10%, Malaysia 7.7%, and has increased by 19.7% in Bangladesh.

In the university cafeteria it is increasing here to provide Halal (Halal and Islamic law in the processing and cooking food) food.
Hanyang has established a dedicated kitchen Seoul and Ansan campus for Muslim students this year.
Sejong also provides halal food to the menu from the first quarter of this year.
Ewha Womans University also laid the kitchen to cook a halal food.
Sun Moon sells halal food in the student cafeteria.

Also a prayer room for Muslims, many universities are currently operating.
Kookmin University, Hanyang University, Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University also has a prayer room for Muslim students.
Ewha Womans University, Sogang University has a multicultural prayer room.