Some international students are stays in gosiwon.

Some international students are stays in gosiwon.
Gosiwon is about two 5㎡ area.

Rooms attached near other room in gosiwon.
There are are bed and a desk equipped with a small space.
Some room has toilet incide or some room has not, so you should use a public restroom.
The kitchen and dining room have to share with other people.
The exchange rate is generally low in China and Southeast Asian students live.

University dorms cost is 3 million won level in four months.
On the other hand gosiwon rent is about 0.5milwon per month.
One room is more than a one-year contract on ordinary deposit 10 million won.

International students dislike to pay deposit.

There is no re-sealed gosiwon to narrow cozy.
Most gosiwon is about the width of the corridor were not two men side by side surge.
Noise is the biggest complaint.
In the next room I hear everything from small voice.
In addition, foreign students are supposed to be uncomfortable with the noise late at night because of the currency difference.