South Korea aims to attract 2023 international students 20 million people by the year

Foreign visitors to Korea in late April the number of international students International students 103 509 people are
 Bureau announced it would increase limited portion coming from international students in 2023 to 20 million.
 South Korea's government has propped up various support programs for foreign students is expected to continue increasing.

 According to the Ministry of Justice in two days you are staying in Korea for Foreign Students (Student + language training) is 10 10 000 3509 2016 standard 4 people at the end of the month.
 April 2015 increased compared to the (10 008 9911 people) compared to 15.1%.

South Korea has established a visa to study in connection work and learning from June 1.
South Korea to study the government has simplified visa
South Korea has made a short term course of the season and 1-2 semester student visa in addition to the regular degree programs also have established a short-term study (D-2-8) visa.

South Korea is actively involved in ensuring international student population decline because of such production and engineering personnel shortages, deficits abroad.
Ministry official said, "the country and attract excellent international students urgently needed to improve the competitive university".

This university is 12 or where the foreign students enrolled beyond 1000 people last year, according to standards.
All the local university in Seoul.
3653 people are Yonsei, Kyunghee 2731 people, 2454 people of Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University is 2095 people order.
Hanyang University (1918 people) Konkuk University (1626 people), Dongguk University (1492 people), Kookmin University (1355 people), Korea University of Foreign Studies (1181 people), Chung (1155 people), Ewha Women's University (1125 people), Seoul (1062 people), etc. to be.