The high price Officetel has become popular.

officetel sale price is usually 2 ~ 3 billion won.
however, this high price Officetel more than 10 billion in recent years has become popular.

in 2015 it's transactions in the country is 113 rooms.
in 2014, it was 83 rooms.

January 2014 ~ March 2016, more than 20 billion won Officetel in sales was also 24 places.

some rich use the high price Officetel to their children's living, and give ti to their children.

the high price Officetel was equipped like high price apartments that has interior design.
the high price Officetel is located in the commercial area, the traffic surface is lower than the apartment.

the high price Officetel's rent fee is also expensive prices.
a general studio in yeoksam or Gangnam Subway station, rent fee is 1 ~ 2 million won with deposit 10 million won.
the high price Officetel is 3 ~ 5 million won rent fee with deposit 30 million won.

the CEO in foreign enterprises, celebrities, many financial income workers etc rent the high price Officetel.

but, the limited rental demand in the high price Officetel, there need an investment caution.