How to reduce air conditioning electricity?

Air conditioning is good to work hard at the first operation.
Air conditioning is because most electricity consumption when it is first run.
It would strongly recommend that you switch to using a thin flexible air conditioning experts agreed that the most inefficient.
When the air conditioning is hot, we recommend that you use only until you reach the desired temperature before self.
Frequent power can be turned off and the electric charge out more.
Used at a time to the desired temperature and a long time does not work.

It may be used in conjunction with a fan.
Give the play quickly with cold air fans for air conditioning is reduced when the match time to the desired temperature because the spread.

Use fans instead of air conditioning.
Line bearing the electric charge is very small.
Air conditioning consumes same electricity of 20EA - 30EA Fan.
electricity consumption(the fans play all day) is same air conditioning for 1hour.

Desired temperature is 25C degrees "and out" operation time is 1hours, or less,
Proper sleep in summer temperature is 25C degrees.
When you set the desired temperature to a lower temperature than this, as well as electric bills come out much is not good for your health.
Haejimyeon interior is dry and easily susceptible to cold, cool temperatures below 20C also interfere with sleep.
If you wish to use the air conditioner was running a temperature of 22C degrees 26C degrees can save about 9 million won a month.

Air conditioning and electricity bills

Summer in Korea, comes with air conditioning uses a lot of electricity bills.

Korea Electric Power has applied to residential progressive.
Rates will rise sharply since ohreumyeo little more than 500kWh to 100kWh increments.

Homes electricity is to think that a progressive tax is applied above.

The following electricity price?
The use of electricity monthly average of 300kWh (approximately ₩ 37,380).
Use to add about five hours a day during the summer air conditioning.

The latest of the latest 16 pyeongdae 2kW air conditioning power consumption.
With each day, 5 hours a month (30 days), the consumption power 2 (kW) * 5 (h) * is a 30 = 300kW / h.
 Air-conditioning power consumption, only 300kwh, adding them to existing usage count is writing a month 600kwh.

Electricity is calculated every time exceeds every progressive 100kwh according to the progressive application.
Only about the first 100kWh low rates only adhere to the basic rate of 6070 won, the fees for 100 ~ 200kwh is ₩ 12,590, the fee is ₩ 18,790 for the next 200 ~ 300kwh.
 Rates of 300 ~ 400kwh is ₩ 28,060, 400 ~ 500kWh period is followed by a ₩ 41,770.
 About the period in excess of 709.5 won per 500kwh gotta be charged 1kwh become ₩ 70,950.

Therefore 100kWh * 60.7 = 6070 W,
100kWh * 125.9 = 12590 won,
100kWh * 187.9 = 18790 won,
100kWh * 280.6 = 28060 won,
100kWh * 417.7 = 41770 won,
100kWh * 709.5 = 70950 won

Using electricity is 600kwh 178,230won the sum of all the above (excluding VAT).
Using did was double the electricity than usual electricity consumption by air conditioning is 4.7 times more than that would be expensive.

New apartment sale price rose.

The first half of 2016 (January to June), the average is 21.6 million won per 3.3㎡ Seoul Korea new apartment sale price.
The first half of 2015 (January to June), the average is 16.9 million won per 3.3㎡ .
So, This amount rose to 4.69 million won per 3.3㎡ (28% rose).

Gangnam-gu new apartment(Sinbanpo Xi, Raemian Blesstegy, etc ) make to rise this.
The most expensive place is Gangnam to distinguish is 39.1 million won per 3.3㎡
Gaepo Raemian (40.4 million won per 3.3㎡) , Ilwon-dong Raemian (37.7 million won) led the sale price rises.
Seocho-gu (34.2 million won), Dongjak (22.8 million won), and Yongsan (22.5 million won).
Gwangjin-gu rose 16% (17.9 million won per 3.3㎡).
Eunpyeong-gu also rose 13% to 15.88 million won.
On the other hand, Seodaemun-gu fell 1.7% (19.1 million won per 3.3㎡).