Realter steal Jeonse high deposit

Female real estate broker Kang (50age) steal renter's Jeonse deposit in Univ area.

Wolse 월세 - key deposit (for example, 10 million won), some monthly fee.
Jeonse 전세 - high deposit (for example, 50 million won), no monthly fee.
Many of Korea renters prefer jeonse because not paying monthly fee.

G apartment(in woomandong, Paldal-gu, Suwon)  has more than 100 tenants live in a total of seven buildings.
a lot of students live there.
because there are universitys.

Landlords ask wolse to realter.
However, realter lied to the tenants that was jeonse.

Realter received jeonse high deposit from renter.
And, realter give wolse small deposit to landlord.
Realter take money (Jeonse deposit - Wolse deposit)

it is only two weeks for the upcoming opening of a college course.
so, many college students can not take there jensei deposit and sit me on the street.

residents complained the charter contract fraud already more than 30 people.
Only verified damages amounting to 10 billion won.
More victims found the situation to be continued.

Mr. K tenants said.
"Jeonse deposit were buying just 80 million won. "

Mr. P The landlord said.
"A real estate broker's gonna to believe entrusted to receive any fees from the middle did not know would happen"