Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale

Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale
Korean version of Black Friday will be held 'Korea Sale FESTA'.
The foreigners 'korea grand sale' and open the 'Korea Black Friday' Korea Festival three days together aimed at locals.

Date: 10.1 ~ 31
Area: Seoul metropolitan area, major municipalities nationwide.
homepage: http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr

If korea grand sale will be held in October each year.
Until last year, he attended only retailers such as department stores or supermarkets.
This year has participated en masse to consumer electronics manufacturers and online stores, car companies.
As well as 249 retail consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers such as dog participating companies.
The store can host more than 59,000 are involved.

Domestic car makers to up to 10% for some models, you can get discounts up 4 million won.
Mobile phones can also be purchased at almost half price.
The credit card companies also provide the 'interest-free installment five months' benefits.
Department stores and discount up to 80%.
Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics also discounts up to 53%.
The cosmetics discount of 20-50%.
In department stores and apartments and 400 million won, including superannuation sweepstakes 7 billion.

You can buy a range of products very inexpensive and can be seen K-pop star through cultural events.
The opening of a K-pop concert held in 10.30, as the evening Gangnam youngdong gil.(coex subway station line2)
55 cultural festivals held containing the K-pop content from across the country.

  • 'K-POP concert "(9.30): Shiny. 2PM, Infinite, Hsien Blue, Wonder Girls, Girl's Day, A Pink, Airlie, Mamamoo, Biggs, eyioh this, Got7, red velvet, girlfriends, children in Iowa, including a total of 25 teams
  • Apgujeong Rodeo Street Fashion Festival (10.1 2-3)
  • International Peace Marathon (10.3)
  • Global Chef Food Festival Scenes (10.3)
  • Gangnam Style Dance Festival (10.3)

wow book festival on hongdae street. end of Sept.

wow book festival is autumn book festival in the streets of Hongdae every year.
books exhibited in various publishers
they are sold at discounted prices.
there are the book lecture events in Seogyo Art Center, Sangsang madang.

This year especially, the exhibition of French books and proceed with the related activities.


date : 2016.9.29(Thursday) - 10.3(Monday)
location : Hongik University Street parking in front of one,
   galleries and alternative spaces, etc.
time table : http://wowbookfest.com/timetable_2016

the resurrection of hasuk, homestay

hasuk is a homestay university.
hasuk is renting a room that is one of several private rooms.
it is main rental system in past, university in Korea.
hasuk using toilet together with many persons, as privacy is not good, even if the curfew was determined.
The age varies up and were students prefer the studio rather than hasuk.
In Korea Univ. hasuk is almost disappeared five years ago.

However, this hasuk has appeared again in the university area apartments last year.
A grandmother of three rooms of Seongbuk-gu, Seoul recently rent a small room for student.
If women living alone in big apt. they find female students hasuk renter.

The landlord perspective, the studio was oversupply, hasuk, also in terms of rate of return than the studio.
One room have private toilet in each room.
one floor in building, one room is made only about 5 rooms.
If hasuk, 1 floor for 1 or 2 toilets, so, there can be about 8 rooms.

some students want stay hasuk because it is lower price then one room.
In addition, students want to stay jensei(high deposit and no monthly).
However, jensei can not be found near universities.
or some students wa to stay no furniture, or partially furniture room, because it is lower price.

old market in seoul

- how about to go to dongdaemun market?
it is clouded all night.
Exit14, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Line 2, 4, 5
Exit8 or 9, Dongdaemun Station Line 1

- how can we go to Itaewon underground market?
you can use subway line6.
5min from exit4, Itaewon station line6

- do you have any recommendations for a night market here in Seoul aside from Insadong?
many old market disappear in korea. also, this market  close at 19:00
line1, jonro 5ga

- any big old market near house?
there are worldcup market.
many japantour list visit this market.
mangwon subway station line6

spring cherry blossom flower festival

spring cherry blossom flower festival
each spring season
there are peak cherry blossom flower on many area

-near loft house : small river street
-near triple house : dynamo street
-yuido long river street

small river near house, cherry bloosom festival in april
small river near house, walking festival
exit4, eungam subway station.

this cherry bloosom festival is biggest in korea.
youinaro line5 (yuido)
you can go with subway.
youi-naru station line5, 여의나루역 5호선

jamsil line2 (lotte world) cherry bloosom festival

where can wear traditional korean dress?

insadong ssamgi-gil  인사동 쌈지길

photo traditional cloth cafe
map : http://goguan.net/main/sub01_03.php
user blog : http://blog.naver.com/hyorim1019?Redirect=Log&logNo=50149947813

free photo traditional cloth in palace
kings cloth in palace (2days ago reservation)

package tour company

famouse tour company
hana tour(biggest in korea)
hana tour jeju

modu tour(2nd in korea)
modu tour jeju

ybtour tour(many people, this company is chip)

very small tour company, useally for english teachers in korea


do you know any good park here in Seoul with green trees?

olympic park.
photo in glass (very big park, east of seoul)
subway : olympicpark line5
blog : http://blog.naver.com/puka21?Redirect=Log&logNo=140164261822

worldcup park.
very big 4 park, west of seoul
subway : worldcub stadium line6

Shopping in seoul

Premium Outlets
Lotte Premium Outlets in Paju (롯데 프리미엄 아울렛 파주점)
this is very big and many famouse brand shops
#2200 bus : hapjung(합정) line2 (exit 1).  
it take 30min

Sinsegae Premium Outlets in Paju
#2200 bus : hapjung(합정) line2 (exit 1).
it take 1hour

Sinsegae Premium Outlets in Yeoju
dong-seoul bus terminal(동서울 시외버스 터미널) at dong-seoul line2
take bus to yeoju bus terminal (여주 시외버스 터미널)
it take 1hour 30min
fee: 5,700won

seoul station(서울역) line1

mapogu tour info

hongdae seoul fringe festival in summer

hangang outdoor swimming pool  in summer
time : 09:00 ~ 20:00
fee : 5000wonkorea tour info
tel : 02-3780-0601, 02-322-6302
taxi : hanggang mangwon swimming pool (한강 망원지구 야외 수영장)
bus : take small green bus #16, at exit1 out of hapjung subway station line2
     (합정역 1번 출구 2호선 마을버스 16번 이용)
etc : you can bring food. parasol is free for 4 person.

hangang camping

worldcup stadium

hongik area tour

hangang (han-river)

Korea TV & drama in internet