Jeju iland

jeju tour info

many airplain in kimpo airport.
you can go kimpo airport with airport subway line 
(it is center from seoul to inchoen international airport)
you can buy ticket in airport.

low price airline ticket, you can check this site

there are a lot of  guest houses, inns, hotels in Jeju.

 I recommand jeju olle trail (olle-gil, 올레길) 
nowadays, many people walking that street.
“07” road is beautiful. “01-1” is sunrise hill(일출봉).
if you want to this , i recommand use bus or rent car for olle street walking

halla mountain (hallasan, 한라산)

Rent car
you can rent car in airport(many company in airport) or internet reservation. 
i think the price is similer.
jeju goverment make standard price and many renter car company make discount for client.
when i visit jeju, i use this big renter car company in airport.

cycle rent : 1day about 10,000won depend on cycle kinds

bike & scuter rent : 1day 20,000won~100,000won. depend on bike kinds

Jeju food
i think this 3 is famouse in Jeju.
you can see many reataraunt make these on Jeju street.

  • 흑돼지 삼겹살 Heuk Dwaeji, Black pig pork belly
  • 성게 미역국, sea urchin seaweed soup
  • 갈치조림, Galchi, Braised Cutlassfish

- Do you know any Bible Baptist church in Jeju Island?
map :
only this church has homepage :

- Do you know if they have any Korean Custom Dress experience in Jeju island?
i can not found it. i found this, jeju folk village, but, i did not recommand
blog :