Jeju Olle Walking (olle-gil, 올레길)

Nowadays Jeju tour trend is walking on Olle Road in Jeju Island.
many people walking that road.

Jeju Olle road is Trail of Jeju.
Olle orignal meaning is a narrow alley in the Jeju.
Olle is connecting an alleyway, Ghat, deulgil, coastal roads, including uphill along the coast of Jeju.
You can see the sea, the beach, and the fields when you walk on the Olle Road.

Courses are also turning around some small lands of Jeju.
olle is popular because you can see the beach and the mountains, the sea of ​​Jeju together.

there are 21 courses and 5 additional  alpha courses.
If you walk the course, you can walk all the wheels outside the island.
One course is approximately 15 km, it take the average time is 4 ~ 6 hours.
The total length is about 422km.
“07” road is beautiful and there are big Navy camp.
“01-1” is sunrise hill(일출봉).

"Jeju Olle Walking Festival" is fall festival, walking along the road to Olle.
  • Date: fall season, 2days
  • Location: Jeju Olle Course 1, Course 2
  • Hompage:
  • Tel: (064)762-2190
  • Pre Ticket : 20,000won per person
  • Walking festival performances one can see the sea of ​​Jeju autumn background.
  • The singer jangpilsun, travel sketches, vocalists, etc. will be performances.
  • There are also jazz and indie bands.
  • There is also the experience, such as eat jeju food and traditional korean cloth fitting.
  • There are official festival and gift packagese.