Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale

Korea Sale FESTA, Korea grand sale
Korean version of Black Friday will be held 'Korea Sale FESTA'.
The foreigners 'korea grand sale' and open the 'Korea Black Friday' Korea Festival three days together aimed at locals.

Date: 10.1 ~ 31
Area: Seoul metropolitan area, major municipalities nationwide.
homepage: http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr

If korea grand sale will be held in October each year.
Until last year, he attended only retailers such as department stores or supermarkets.
This year has participated en masse to consumer electronics manufacturers and online stores, car companies.
As well as 249 retail consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers such as dog participating companies.
The store can host more than 59,000 are involved.

Domestic car makers to up to 10% for some models, you can get discounts up 4 million won.
Mobile phones can also be purchased at almost half price.
The credit card companies also provide the 'interest-free installment five months' benefits.
Department stores and discount up to 80%.
Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics also discounts up to 53%.
The cosmetics discount of 20-50%.
In department stores and apartments and 400 million won, including superannuation sweepstakes 7 billion.

You can buy a range of products very inexpensive and can be seen K-pop star through cultural events.
The opening of a K-pop concert held in 10.30, as the evening Gangnam youngdong gil.(coex subway station line2)
55 cultural festivals held containing the K-pop content from across the country.

  • 'K-POP concert "(9.30): Shiny. 2PM, Infinite, Hsien Blue, Wonder Girls, Girl's Day, A Pink, Airlie, Mamamoo, Biggs, eyioh this, Got7, red velvet, girlfriends, children in Iowa, including a total of 25 teams
  • Apgujeong Rodeo Street Fashion Festival (10.1 2-3)
  • International Peace Marathon (10.3)
  • Global Chef Food Festival Scenes (10.3)
  • Gangnam Style Dance Festival (10.3)