ski, snowboard, skate, snow sliding in seoul, korea

ski and snowboard

you can go ski & snowboard resort with shuttle bus.
there are info in each resort homepage.

near seoul. free shuttle bus. 1hour from seoul.

near seoul. you can go to bayanli(백양리) station with subway and train transi in chung-rag-ri(청량리)

2019 winter olimpic games will held in gangwon-do Korea.
there are many big ski reort in gangwon-do.
you can go there with shutile bus.

snow sliding and skate in SEOUL

many area will open snow sliding and skate in DEC.

snow sliding
locate : many area (worldcup stadium, etc)
fee : about 8,000won (4hour 10:00~14:00, 12:00~16:00, 14:00~18:00)
you need to bring glove.
subway : 10min work from worldcup stadium line6, DMC station, ETC

skate in youido
you need to bring glove.
fee : 4000won for 1hour, 1,000won skate rental fee
location : youido han river side park infront or63building
subway : 10min walk from youinaru line5

you need your glove for winter sport.

you need to bring your glove when winter sport area.
you can buy chip glove in Mart (Emart, Homplus, Diso, etc).

you can rent all other things in resort or skate area.