what is korean thanksgiving holiday. chu-suk. han-ga-wi?

what is chu-suk?

it is korean thanksgiving holiday. chu-suk. han-ga-wi it is said as "han-ga-wi 한가위" with Net Korean, "chu-suk 추석" with Chinese character there is a custom of visiting the home. the severe traffic jam occurs. more than three thousand million people to move. at this time, only small person stay in Seoul South Korea is considered farming society. Thanksgiving has come on the abundance of offerings with new crops are harvested. for the modern Thanksgiving was fixed Lunar August 15th.

Thanksgiving season
Date: 2019.09.12(Thr) - 2019.09.14(Sat)
Seoul will be empty during Chuseok.

It is a good time to go around the palaces.

During the Chuseok period, the palace and the National Museum of Contemporary Art are free.
In the old palace, many events such as folk games are held.
Many shops are closed and the streets of Seoul are busy.
There are no cars on the street, so you can rent a bicycle "따릉이" and go to the palace easliy.