where is best spot to see fire works festival?

that times, all around han river will be crowded.
so, it was difficult to see.
and you have to wait on street fo walking.
if tere are no seat on road, you can stand long times.

if you lost your way, don't worry.
you can just follow many peoples.
people will go to subway.

1. if you don't worry people and want to see big fir work and music.
i recommnad youido(여의도) spot.

youi-naru(여의나루) line 5, is most crowed.
some times, subway will not stop that times.
then you can use youido(여의도) or pariament(국회의사당) station.

fire work time is at 19:00pm
but, people will go to youido from morning.
because, they will take good seat to see.

in youido(여의도), you have to see huge croud of people.
there can be some smog from fireworks.

2. across the river
also, youngsan and hannam area, many people go.
there will be crouded, so you will spend many times to work
there will be more seat on after noon.
small fireworks viwes and no music.

you have to walk to han river from sinyoungsan(신용산), hannam(한남) subway station.

3. Hangang Bridge, Mapo Bridge, and other Bridges.
many people go to bridge, they stand to see firworks.
any bridge is ok to see.
but, Wonhyo Bridge will protect to go.
there will be fire works fall.