Baggage storage sevice

There are some baggage storage sevice in seoul, korea.

1. lonterm BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for many lugage in house
Keep your luggage other area out of house.
they can keep Box, Carrior, etc.
if you called, they will visit house for it.

1Month : 10,000~25,000won
Delivery service : 15,000won~30,000won
tel: 1877-7912
small box: 10,000won/month, carrier : 20,000won/month at Sangam line6 or Gangnaru
space : 100,000~200,000won/month at Guri in gyngido
tel: 1600-7496
this company will bring platic box in home page.
70 liter company box 20,000won/month
location : gangnam
tel: 1661-7448
this company has big area and contaner.
self-room or contaner at incheon or gonziam, small room space : 150,000/month

2. short time BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for travelers.
Keep your luggage safe while you explore Seoul to your heart’s content.
Simply visit the office(no reservations necessary) in subway station
Get a discount on long-term storage but, it is some higer than long-term BAGGAGE STORAGE.

1Day : 3,000won~7,000won
hongdea line2 subway station