Kpop stars are sharing videos, taken with the Quai

Kwai app is getting popular in KOREA.
people can make funny video by using Korean movie ambassador.

It was the main character of the topic by sharing a video
that was followed by the ambassador of the main character in the Korean drama to the friends

2017.11(NOV) Google App Marketplace Free Apps ranked first.
Recently, there has been a controversy that videos taken by users can be used for YouTube ads without their consent.

Currently, the number of subscribers is more than 400 million, more than 50 million people are using at least once a day.
kpop stars is, sharing an image, taken with the Quai Instagram such as SNS.
this is some video of them.

Foreign students can also act as ambassadors of Korean dramas.

Their images spread in a short time and ordinary users added to the Kwai craze.
If you hit '#Kwai' in the Instagram, more than 100,000 images are searched.

you can download google app store and apple store.

Church in Seoul, Korea

Church in Seoul, Korea

  • Myeongdong chtholic cathedral 명동성당 it is a symbol of the presence of the Catholic Church in Korea. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Myeong-dong Cathedral became a focal point for the democratic movement in Korea and has played an important role in the expansion of human rights It is located near Seoul Myeongdong, situated in the heart of downtown Seoul

  • Yoido Full Gospel Church 순복음교회 It is not only Korea but also the largest church in the world. At one time, it was the largest church in Korea in terms of building size.

  • Yeongrak Church 영락교회 It is located near Seoul Myeongdong. There are 20,000 members. Presbyterian church.

  • Chungdong Church 정동 교회 It was one of the first Methodist churches in Korea founded in 1885. There is an old-fashioned building. It is next to Deoksu Palace in central Seoul.

temple stay in korea

temple stay inside city, seoul

temple stay in nature, seoul
  • Seoul temple 길상사
  • Reservation
    • / / / 
    • Admittance: Anybody who wants to practice meditation
    • Application: Closes 2 days prior to start (payment accepted until 3pm Thursday) 
    • Participation Fee: 50,000 won per person
    • What to bring
      • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), towels, socks, warm clothes, comfortable T-shirts and footwear, writing instruments 
  • How to get to Gilsangsa: 
    • Seoul Subway Line 4 (Blue Line), Hanseong University station, exit 6. → Take the shuttle bus for Gilsangsa 
    • (※ Shuttle bus stops in front of Dongwon Mart, located 50m from the subway station exit) 
  • Contact
    • Malgo Hyanggiropge 82-02-741-4696~7 / Gilsangsa 82-02-3672-5945

    big temple all around korea
    • schejule
      • First Day 
        • 15:00~16:00 : Registration & Orientation 
        • 16:00~17:00 : Learning Temple manner
        • 17:30~18:10 : Temple Dinner
        • 18:10~19:00 : Evening ceremonial service
        • 19:00~20:30 : Tea time 
        • 20:30~21:00 : Lignt out
      • Second Day 
        • 03:00~03:15 : Getting up & Wash (in silence) 
        • 03:15~03:30 : Dawn Service(in Silence) 
        • 04:00~05:00 : 108 bows 
        • 05:00~06:00 : Seon Mediation (in Silence) 
        • 06:00~07:30 : Temple Breakfast
        • 07:30~08:30 : Temple tour of Haeinsa
        • 08:30~09:30 : Hermitage Tour 

    when My TV has no channel in seoul

    My TV channels displayed '신호 없음'.
    How can repair?

    However, most cable TV settings are similar.
    Perhaps there is a menu like below.

    The TV will have a "메뉴 menu" setting button.
    or the remote control has a "메뉴 menu" under Arrow.
    then you can find this."
    "채널, channel"
    "유선방송, CATV"
    "채널 검색, channel search"
    "자동 검색, auto search"

    then TV can find channels.

    Baggage storage sevice

    There are some baggage storage sevice in seoul, korea.

    1. lonterm BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for many lugage in house
    Keep your luggage other area out of house.
    they can keep Box, Carrior, etc.
    if you called, they will visit house for it.

    1Month : 10,000~25,000won
    Delivery service : 15,000won~30,000won
    tel: 1877-7912
    small box: 10,000won/month, carrier : 20,000won/month at Sangam line6 or Gangnaru
    space : 100,000~200,000won/month at Guri in gyngido
    tel: 1600-7496
    this company will bring platic box in home page.
    70 liter company box 20,000won/month
    location : gangnam
    tel: 1661-7448
    this company has big area and contaner.
    self-room or contaner at incheon or gonziam, small room space : 150,000/month

    2. short time BAGGAGE STORAGE : a service for travelers.
    Keep your luggage safe while you explore Seoul to your heart’s content.
    Simply visit the office(no reservations necessary) in subway station
    Get a discount on long-term storage but, it is some higer than long-term BAGGAGE STORAGE.

    1Day : 3,000won~7,000won
    hongdea line2 subway station