Kpop stars are sharing videos, taken with the Quai

Kwai app is getting popular in KOREA.
people can make funny video by using Korean movie ambassador.

It was the main character of the topic by sharing a video
that was followed by the ambassador of the main character in the Korean drama to the friends

2017.11(NOV) Google App Marketplace Free Apps ranked first.
Recently, there has been a controversy that videos taken by users can be used for YouTube ads without their consent.

Currently, the number of subscribers is more than 400 million, more than 50 million people are using at least once a day.
kpop stars is, sharing an image, taken with the Quai Instagram such as SNS.
this is some video of them.

Foreign students can also act as ambassadors of Korean dramas.

Their images spread in a short time and ordinary users added to the Kwai craze.
If you hit '#Kwai' in the Instagram, more than 100,000 images are searched.

you can download google app store and apple store.