Korea DMZ tour and Panmunjom tour

DMZ(Korean Demilitarized Zone) tour

Korea DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) is boader of north korea and south korea.
Nowaday, two koreas become peace for peoples and world.
DMZ is the 20th last cold war remains in world.
The whole world is paying attention to the Korean summit.

President Moon Jae-in, President Kim Jong Eun, and President Trump meet are the beginning of a new era of peace.

you can visit DMZ tour
when you go, you need passport.

online info

you can book online this site
DMZ tour is tuesday

2day tour

Panmunjom tour

foreinger can visit panmunjom
but, they have to use tour company.
-www.tourdmz.com국제문화서비스, (02)755-0073, (031)952-4066 
-go2korea.co.krKTB대한여행사, (02)777-6647, (02)778-0150
-www.panmunjomtour.com, www.koreaDMZtour.com판문점트레블, (02)771-5593,
-www.jsatour.com중앙고속관광, (02)2266-3350