Korea Sale FESTA

Korea Sale FESTA

South Korea's leading shopping tourism festival 'Korea Sales Festa' will be held from 28th to 7th.

The retail industry offers discounts up to 80% at the same time.
Department stores, old marckets, and franchise stores.
Especially, this year, department stores will show a lot of products sold directly.
Small and medium enterprise product planning exhibition opens also.

Period: 2018.09.28 (Fri) - 2018.10.07 (Sun)
Location: alll areound korea
Homepage: http://www.koreasalefesta.kr

The eve of the festival announces the Korea Sale Festival event with K-pop performance at 9. 27 th (Thu) 19 o'clock.
EXO, Red Velvet, NCT 127, Super Junior LEE Wook, and F (X) Luna will join.

As a side event, a new experience room for enhancement and virtual reality (AR‧VR) will be held. So, let consumers experience future distribution technology in advance.
Virtual reality (VR) Experiences will be made to wear devices, feel the quality of fashion goods such as clothing, bags, change color, and experience shopping.
It is planned in a story format that consumers can experience virtual goods using virtual reality and purchase them.
The augmented reality (AR) is used to display live images that can not be included in the leaflet paper.

2018 Let's Rock Festival

Let's Rock Festival is the biggest urban music festival in Seoul every fall.
It will be held in Nanjing Han River Park, Seoul, Korea.
Let's Rock Festival is a place where artists and audiences share the stage, attractions, food, and entertainment of various artists.

homepage : http://www.letsrock.co.kr/2018/2018index.html#
time table : http://www.letsrock.co.kr/2018/2018index.html#timetable
ticket : http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=18008963

On September 15, the first day of the festival, it is a love stage that shows a calm but emotional stage.
Nell comes to the stage with a headliner, including the Epicone Project, Jung Jun Il, Day Break, and Dark.
On the stage, which offers intense and exciting stage, the national band Kukasuten comes out as a headliner, and musicians such as Noblein, Crying Nut, and Cass are accompanied.
On September 16, the second day, the only non-replaceable band Jaurim, who recently released 10 regular albums, will be on the final stage of the Love Stage.
It is a hot spring, a junior, a good-bye, and a standing star.
The Rose Inn, Peppers, Monkey, and Romantic Punch will be on stage at the Peace Stage, where Ganghwa and the faces are headliners.