Korea University and Yonsei University Friendship Competition

2019 regular Korea University and Yonsei University Friendship Competition

Match Schedule: 2019.09.06(Fri) ~ 07(Sat)
Match Contents: Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey / Rugby, Soccer for 2 days
(Sometimes, ice hockey can be fought between players)
Tickets: Basketball and ice hockey are played indoors, so you need to get tickets in advance. The rest is free admission.
Venue: in 2019, Mokdong Sports Complex, Seoul

One week before the match: Cheer Orientation, Joint Support Orientation, Broadcasting Festival
* Detailed program schedule will be posted on the university's internal bulletin board.

Before entering the competition, it is recommended to participate in a cheer orientation.

Foreigners who participated in the Cheering Festival

If you are study in korea univ or yopunsei univ and if you can't sing a song,
It's fun to learn dance and participate.
It's so fun that some people are going to cheer, not play.

Road play in night after the game