Musical < Sejong, 1446 > in National Museum of Korea

Period: 2019.10.03 (Thu) ~ 2019.12.01 (Sun)
Performance Time: 165 minutes (Intermission 15 minutes)
Venue: National Museum of Korea
Admission fee: VIP seat 100,000 won / OP seat 80,000 won / R seat 80,000 won / S seat 60,000 won / A seat 50,000 won
Inquiries and telephone reservations: HJ Culture / 02-588-7708

King Sejong made Hangeul.
In 1418, Taejong abolishes the three-year-old Yang Ning, who leads a prodigal life, and raises Chung Ning, who lives in a book.
In addition, Taejong even presides over Chungnyeong, which has not received three-party education.
Chung Ning, who became king in a bewildered way, but Taejong does not miss the string of politics, adjusting the vices behind him.
However, in the eyes of Taejong, who was wary of the growth of extraterrestrial forces, a growing number of people who follow his heart, Chung-nyeong's father-in-law, are captured.
Shion is involved in a fabricated event and is killed.
Chungnyeong confronts her father for her own politics.
He eventually gets out of his father's hands and keeps his jerk.
But there are many obstacles in front of Chungnyeong .....